TEA & TWO SLICES | On Cyclist Beatdowns And DTES “Factions” Turning On Eachother

January 28, 2014 


by Sean Orr | Drastic actions: Your crappy car can become a down payment on a new Vancouver condo. “Got a beater car worth at least $5,400″? Nope. Nobody does. If it’s worth 5,400 it ain’t a beater. “Cars are a terrible asset”. As opposed to condos which can only ever keep appreciating, right?

Divide and conquer: Conflict among DTES factions bursts into the open. Factions? What is this, Lebanon? The warring tribes of Skid Row have descended into bitter, sectarian chaos! Of course the reality is much less sexy. The new DTES Neighbourhood Council has failed to hold an Annual General Meeting. That is all.

The wrong greens: Company behind rooftop lettuce farm on downtown Vancouver parkade goes bankrupt. Or, in other words, you don’t win friends with salads.

Edward versus Goliath: Cyclist and driver square off in Vancouver streets. If I was that driver I’d put my car in storage for a couple of months. Bike locks are great for smashing windows. Just sayin’.

Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan compares BC to living in a banana republic. Come to think of it, it really does feel like I’m living in a multinational luxury clothing retailer and surrounded by salespeople working on commission.

Welcome to the New Brunswick castle that costs less than an East Van bungalow. Yeah, okay we get it: Vancouver is expensive. You can stop with these comparisons now forever.

Vancouver skyline to gain seven new office towers. I don’t have anything funny to say about this other than maybe Mark Renzoni should change his name to Mark Rezone-y. Is that funny? I can’t tell anymore on account of all the pain medication.

Man climbs atop Library Square’s “Words Don’t Fit The Picture” sign to light flare. Don’t bother clicking the link. It’s exactly what the headline says it is and nothing more.

A local Yelp user rates all the SkyTrain stations.

Bonus time lapse video: Celebrities Nightclub Renovation.

Photo credit: Norman Fox

  • S. Rose

    This post is so irresponsible- nowhere in the linked article is the license plate of the vehicle, which is BC plate 363PVL, evident. Looks like relatively new rubber on the vehicle.

  • 1Buser

    People who aren’t willing to live with their heads up their asses recognize and actually would like to do something about the inequity of “living” in the Lower Mainland. These comparisons to other (just as comfortable) parts of the continent help to show just how ridiculous the housing market here just is. Folks who do not want to have a conversation about it are probably living in their inflated equity …for now.

  • Ryan

    ha! amazing!

  • sean

    Can we add some licence plates to the ‘hit list’? Or not.