TEA & TWO SLICES: On Liquor Laws, Real Hipsters, And Pepper Spraying Protestors

by Sean Orr | International news is not within my purview, but condolences to everyone in Boston. And Pakistan. And Afghanistan. And Iraq.

Ladies and Gentleman, we have a winner: Dix will ban corporate, union donations to political parties. Hopefully this will result in the creation of, like, 73 new political parties (all of them socialist.

Enter stage left: VisionBC! Sounds interesting, but what exactly are “candid candidates”? They sound cast members in a terrible reality TV show…

Oh god, that totally reminds me: ‘Real Hipsters Of Vancouver’ Audition Tapes. Hands down the winner is the girl repeating “I am a real hipster”. Transfixing!

Vancouver pawn shop building to become apartments. Sounds like a change for the better. Then again, that small band of ideologues, their pockets lined by Vancity and the Vancouver Foundation, are probably opposed to this.

When you call it war: Pidgin protester pepper-sprayed. What an awful waste of pepper spray.

Probably the most important story you’ll never read: BC Mental Health System For Teens Is Fractured.

Pro-fun city: Government of British Columbia: Improve liquor laws to facilitate live music for people of all ages. Yes, please.

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