TEA & TWO SLICES: On The End Of Mista Muggins & Living Large At The Paper Trail

by Sean Orr | Keep it rolling: B.C. Premier Christy Clark criticized for joke about her ex-husband. At this point, Adrian Dix’s best tactic would be to show a 3 hour live special of just Christy Clark saying stupid shit. Someone should ask her how she stays current.

Christy Clark brushes off criticism from Kevin Falcon about wood building. We could probably build the world’s tallest building out of the contracts that the BC Liberals have awarded their friends. And I’m sure Bob Rennie could market the shit out of it. You can see it now: “Come live at The Paper Trail, the world’s most exciting experiment in sustainable architecture!”

Speaking of sustainable: Bill 8 – Mass Virtual Privatization of BC’s forests. There’s nothing British about B.C. anymore. We’re basically just Columbia now.

Underground railway: People not happy about proposed coal expansion project. I’ve said it before: the big oil and gas corps will keep ramrodding us with projects and one of them is bound to sneak through unnoticed. Think Kitimat LNG, Kinder Morgan, Enbridge, FannyBay, and so on. “They say it’s bad for the environment and their health”. Pfft! Who are these people and what do they know about “the environment” and “their health”? That’s for us to decide!

Does UBC president Stephen Toope want a subway or not? How about a transit tunnel like they have in Seattle?

Skytrain for Surrey: Debunking myths: LRT will bring mid-rises, SkyTrain will bring towers.

What inner city? Inner city schools funding to collapse.

Regulate me: ‘They treated me like a drug rat in a lab,’ says woman who spent time at Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre. Hey, don’t knock it ’til you try it.

Potentially fun city? City mulls over regulating the underground. More bureaucratic nonsense?

In memoriam: DTES cat Mista Muggins and Mushroom Studios (“Built long before the surrounding condos”).

3 Responses to “TEA & TWO SLICES: On The End Of Mista Muggins & Living Large At The Paper Trail”

  1. Jonathan on March 13th, 2013 3:03 pm

    Why are you pushing propaganda from Skytrains for Surrey. Their SEO dominance and one-sided barefaced lobbying make it evident that they are simply a front for Bombardier to shill for their own interests.

  2. Sean Orr on March 13th, 2013 3:18 pm

    Namely because in this case they are questioning the official narrative of the mayor. I personally favour Light Rail but I wouldn’t say either way what kind of development it will bring. This seems like a good argument because if the council is worried about certain types of development they can set restrictions. It just seemed like it was levelling the argument a little bit.

  3. twirlip on March 15th, 2013 11:53 am

    Looks like the offending provision in Bill 8 was removed: