TEA & TWO SLICES: On Funeral Parlour NIMBYs And Developers Duping The Media

by Sean Orr | Double down: BC Prosperity Fund and conflicting data on LNG. How are we supposed to trust this government to plan our future when they can’t even keep their own cabinet ministers, let alone run Translink or BC Ferries. Ah fuck it, make daddy a winner!

Dear Christy: A Valentine’s Day gift for the Ayn Rand doofus in your life. I would be more fitting if it was a gilded piece of pipeline, but still…

Report card shows Vancouver exceeding housing targets, on track to meet homelessness goals. I get it. I used to like marking my own exams, too.

And what about the Rainier?

I guess they have their hands full with NIMBY nonsense like this: The City of Vancouver: Stop a funeral home from moving into 450 W 2nd Ave. Can you believe it?

It’s a good thing that we can laugh at ourselves: What Vancouver needs is a dog park for cats. Good idea. And we shall call it Cat Chilling Park.

Where’s Whalley: Could Surrey become Vancouver’s version of Brooklyn? Nope. But hey, don’t let me get in the way of your boosterism and real estate speculation. I mean, somebody has to pay those costly printing bills, right?

Clearing the brush. When speculation turns to arson.

I mean, it’s not like they would fake Chinese investors for TV news. Vancouver real-estate firm admits faking investor for TV news. Oh. Never mind.

I’ll just leave you with this: Warning or not, Grammy Awards features plenty of ‘puffy genitals’. Because Happy Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Yeah. I thought I’d seen just about everything NIMBYism could throw at us, but that’s a new one. Health effects? Parking? Traffic? IT’S ON WEST 2ND, FOR FUCK’S SAKE.

    I wonder if any of these rocket surgeons realize that they could have prevented this by simply supporting the market that was there to begin with. My guess is, no.

  2. Hey Sean, curious as to your take on Pidgin. Realize that thread’s been off the chain but wondering what your take is?

  3. Yeah I mentioned it a couple of T&TS ago. The whole thing is ridiculous, but they totally should have expected it. It is in a mythologized location, as we Vancouverites, with our newness, are wont to do. That being said, when you look at the myriad of factors that contributed to the economic and social decline of the area, the protests are misplaced. From the original real estate deal that split Vancouver in two, to the lasting effects of prohibition, anti-Chinatown riots, marginalization of our aboriginals, the internment of Japanese, tearing up the BC Electric tramway, the collapse of the forest industry, Expo 86, Woodwards, the cancellation of CAP by the feds, the decimation of welfare and the freezing of minimum wage by the provs, to the Olympics- it makes no sense to blame these restaurant owners, most of whom have worked their way up the industry ladder. LANDED GENTRY THESE ARE NOT!

  4. I think, on paper, it makes sense to be at least wary of this rush to “improve” the area. I would have looked at this maybe 10 years ago and been appalled. But I mean unless you are just completely marxist, it makes no sense to be against this restaurant. I talked to the owner, and he went off on me that “we all need to be doing a better job” down here, myself and Scout included. I was amazed. He hired a local bottle collecter affectionately known as Pop Can Mike. he wants to change his life, and I think he should be helped, not scrutinized.

  5. There is a certain pragmatism that comes from living and working in Gastown for nearly a decade. Would I have a built a fancy restaurant there? Nope. But when you look at the new food scene down here, it is unpretentious and real. These are some of the most generous people- after all they live on others’ generosity in the form of tips. When I see Neal Ingram chatting with John B, or Terry with his scooter/bin contraption, or Matt holding the door for people, or Parking Steve, or Football Mike- i see something different than what is being portrayed. It’s nuanced!

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