TEA & TWO SLICES: On Beating The Drums For War (Poorly) And Freaking Out The DTES

by Sean Orr | Our local paper drums up local support for pre-emptive action against Iran: If Iran isn’t stopped, a nuclear war is coming. “Most people in the Arab world, according to opinion polls, believe that the Holocaust never happened”. Iran is part of the Arab world? Maybe beat the drum better.

Cowards: Vandalism at Lucic’s church gives Vancouver another black eye. We have a proud history of church vandalism in Greater Vancouver. You didn’t have to drag sports into it.

Get scared: Pickton sightings chill Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Not sure what this piece of news achieves other than to remind us that the possibility of another massive police failure could occur at any moment and that the incarceration of Robert Pickton has done little to make the area safer in any way, as women are still disappearing.

Copland: Online surveillance bill backed by police chiefs. Hey, well what do you know? The police are in favour of expanding the powers of the police!

Office de la Renta: Vancouver Office Rents Highest in Canada. Is there such a thing as social offices? That is, offices at market price for non-profits or something? Sorry, there’s no punchline. I’m just thinking out loud here…

Speaking of thinking out loud: Are we turning into a society of enablers? Wherein she agrees with the entire concept of harm reduction, but still kind of wonders if it’s any good. Maybe her shower was too hot.

Liquor reform is so hot right now: Forget marijuana, let’s focus on reforming B.C.’s ancient liquor laws. Wherein Stephen Quinn (God bless the man) drops Fellini’s name but omits Kurtis Kolt, Jake Skakun, and Terry David Mulligan. Oh well. At least the typically potato-eared Rich Coleman is listening.

‘There’s Not Enough of Me’: BC’s Psychiatry Crisis. I feel the same way. But then that’s just due to my position on the Creativity Map.

Vancouver’s most famous question gets asked again: Why the heck doesn’t Skytrain run 24 hours?

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