Foreign Intelligence Briefing #393: Which Nations Give Employees The Most Time Off?

December 26, 2011 

That’s us at the bottom, via The Economist. Ouch. Shed a tear and then get the fuck back to work!

  • Jahvay

    Hmmm, a lot of countries ahead of us with seriously F%$# up economies. Time off is nice, but some of those european countries are going down the toilet due to systemic abuse.

  • Bob

    Canada is sad. They should think about the well being and happiness of their citizens and employees in the long term.

    Companies who do not invest in their employees are doomed to fail. Same goes for nations.

  • sean

    Hmmm, one should consider Labour Productivity stats also, here they are.. So Canada does not do that well as compared with other countries (BC has been one of the worst, if not THE worst province in Canada in this measure). Who are we to criticise others vacations considering they have more productive workforces??? By the way, a major driver of productivity is improvements(not necessarily investment) in skills and education and there is room for concern here, just sayin.

  • Not Bob

    get over it Bob, if you don’t like the schedule start your own business; then you will have the reality check of working everyday and loving it!
    work is play if you work for yourself. if you force yourself to work for someone else at least work somewhere you love.

    me thinks likely you are a civil servant or burdened by student loans on a degree that holds little economic gold

  • Juan Jose

    If you commit 10 years to my business, I’ll give whatever you want!!

  • Jahvay

    My Fellow Canadians, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

    As far as ” the long term”, I tend to agree with Juan Jose. In my biz, too often people will only give as much as they have too…

  • not bob

    regarding the productivity stats, these stats are very superficial, if you take into count several important handicaps that Canada struggles with. Size and population density reduce productivity in numerous ways, imagine working in a 10,000 sqft restaurant with only 10 tables and 33 employees opposed to 100 tables and 333 employes. Add to this a second language and locating your restaurant somewhere that requires heating 8 months of the year. Just to name some of the obvious hurdles Canada has.