Foreign Intelligence Briefing #389: Sinatra Croons To Uplift Savaged #Occupy Spirits

November 18, 2011 

Here’s Sinatra singing New York, New York for the #OWS folks during the raids of the 15th. They could use a song after the shit they’ve been through, as could their brethren here in Vancouver, where it’s cold – half-snowing, half-raining. After a promising start that enjoyed broad civic support, a lot of Vancouverites have turned against #OccupyVancouver. On account of their woeful communication skills and the media instincts of sick badgers, the local chapter has sort of let the global side down a bit, allowing the press to paint them – day after day after day – as expensive idiots, irresponsible drug addicts, homeless opportunists and professional protestors. But still they’ve held, and we should all be proud of them. It takes a lot of courage to stand by one’s convictions. It’s made a little easier when you’re right, but not by much. What is the #Occupy movement wrong about? The banks suck, the financial system is broken, the world is getting meaner than it needs to be, and the #RobinHood tax is a very good idea. I think everybody agrees with those points, except the 1%. So the next time a local paper details how #OccupyVancouver has ruined the Christmas parade (really?), reveals that the VAG suddenly smells like weed (no!), or discovers that there just might be a little issue with heroin in our city (never!), don’t forget that grassroots aren’t roses, and that those who are paid to inform us aren’t doing their jobs. Sing it Frank! “These little town blues…”

  • Dan

    The Occupy movement is 1% of the 99%. They forgot to include the rest of us.

  • Jeff Nairn

    Is it just seriously cool or hip to support the folks at any of the occupy movements or is it just a knee jerk reaction to not having a high earning job in a high cost city? The hippies of the ’60s figured out that change came from within the system and not without. Do some thinking.

  • Scout Magazine

    “Do some thinking”. Derp.