Open Daily:
Monday – Thursday, 5pm to Midnight
Friday & Saturday, 4pm to 2am
Sunday, 4pm to Midnight

Happy Hour:
Monday – Thursday, 5pm to 6pm & 10pm to Close
Friday & Saturday, 4pm to 6pm
Sunday, 4pm to 6pm & 10pm to Close


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The People

Justin Taylor – General Manager
Tim Evans – Chef

Ownership – Cascade Restaurant Group
Nick Devine
Wendy Nicolay
Nigel Pike
Robert Edmonds
David Nicolay

About The Cascade Room

For over a decade, The Cascade Room has cemented itself as one of the best bars in all of Vancouver. Located in the heart of Mt. Pleasant, “Cascade”, as the locals call it, has a reputation for outstanding cocktails, local craft beers and heart warming, delicious food. Under the guidance of Chef Tim Evans, the kitchen delivers on essential pub classics like pot pies, steak frites, scotch eggs, tikka masala and our famous Sunday Roasts. Never shy on portions, you are bound to leave Cascade with your bellies full and your thirst quenched.

The restaurant was built on what was once Brewery Creek, home to a slew of breweries dating back to the late 1800’s. The restaurant takes its name from the original Vancouver Brewery and their flagship beer, Cascade “the beer without peer.” Ownership of the Cascade Room has since opened Main Street Brewing in one of the original Vancouver Brewery buildings and their beers are heavily featured at Cascade along with rotating taps from their peers around the city.