Monday to Thursday: 5pm to 11pm
Friday: 4pm to midnight |Saturday: 10am to midnight
Sunday: 10am to 11pm
Weekend Brunch: 10am to 3pm


  • 15 - EL CAMINO'S
  • 9 - EL CAMINO'S
  • 10 - EL CAMINO'S
  • 14 - EL CAMINO'S
  • 1 - EL CAMINO'S
  • 13- EL CAMINO'S
  • 7 - EL CAMINO'S
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  • 11 - EL CAMINO'S
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  • 6 - EL CAMINO'S
  • 4 - EL CAMINO'S
  • 8 - EL CAMINO'S
  • 5 - EL CAMINO'S

The People

Liz Powell – General Manager
Jeramie Adams – Chef
Michael MacIntyre – Bar Manager

Ownership – Cascade Restaurant Group
Nick Devine
Wendy Nicolay
Nigel Pike
Robert Edmonds
David Nicolay

About El Camino’s

Hola!! El Camino’s is a lively and fun Latin American bar and restaurant, with a large patio, nestled in the heart of Main Street. Wicked tunes and great people, together with a warm, welcoming atmosphere make El Camino’s a beloved neighbourhood favourite.

Hungry? Our hardworking kitchen team delivers casual fare inspired from across Latin America, including arepas, tacos, sanguches and empanadas, to name a few. Hearty, flavourful and satisfying dishes designed to be shared and enjoyed with friends. The majority of our menu is also gluten-free and we offer a fantastic brunch on weekends.

Thirsty? The best margaritas in town (yeah, we said it!), accompany the vast collection of Latin spirits, focusing primarily on Tequila, Mezcal, Pisco, Cachaca & Rum. Killer cocktails executed by a killer bar team, with a tight wine list and a mix of local & Mexican beers.

Happy?! We offer happy hour on food & drinks every day until 6pm and all day on Sundays, as well as weekly features & specials. Salud!!