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Three to See, January 2022

Cinephile Ken Tsui provides a synopsis of his picks for the best three films to see in Vancouver theatres this month.

Three to See, January 2022

Cinephile Ken Tsui provides a synopsis of his picks for the best three films to see in Vancouver theatres this month. Check below for the when, where and why you should give a damn.


Cracks in the Rear View: The Cinema of Lynne Ramsay | In only four features, Scottish director Lynne Ramsay has become a visionary auteur known for her incredible talent for immersing audiences in the perspectives of her characters. With each beautifully rendered frame, Ramsay creates dream-like interior worlds with unforgettable imagery and sound, when combined, make for undeniably potent frames of mind. Whether it’s the heartbreaking story of a young boy in a dismal UK tenement in the 1970s (Ratcatcher), an enigmatic woman on an indulgent descent with a dark secret in tow (Morvern Callar), a spiraling journey into motherhood in the face of reprehensible violence (We Need to Talk About Kevin) or a feverish journey through a hitman’s PTSD during an ultraviolent rescue mission (You Were Never Really Here), these complicated characters at the core of Ramsay’s work are part of the Cinematheque’s mid-career retrospective, capturing an uncompromising artist that is best experienced on the big screen. | TICKETS.

The Cinematheque January 5 - February 4 | The Cinematheque


Out of the Blue | Largely unseen and long-unavailable, Dennis Hopper’s Out of the Blue is a Vancouver-filmed cult classic that’s found a second life with a passionately crowdsourced remastering. Originally premiering 40 years ago at the Cannes Film Festival, Out of the Blue is often seen as Hopper’s spiritual successor to his classic, Easy Rider. Centering around Cebe Barnes, a fatalistic teenager played by the inimitable Linda Manz, Hopper’s film takes us on a wild ride to the edge where Elvis Presley is a patron saint, punk is a religion and the humanity of addiction intertwines with the complicated family dynamic. While many of the film’s planned screenings were dampened by the pandemic, make sure to catch this unsung masterpiece that captures 80’s Vancouver as it’s backdrop (with the Pointed Sticks making a brief appearance) at the VIFF Centre while you can. | TICKETS.

VIFF Centre January 14-16, 18-20 | VIFF Centre


The Housemaid | A classic in South Korea and a foundational influence on the likes of Bong Joon-Ho (director of Parasite), Kim Ki-Young’s The Housemaid is a thriller of the highest order. Centering around an unstable live-in housemaid and the family she serves, she begins to unravel with the family following suit. What lies underneath is a story about class warfare with a lurid mix of revenge, obsession and betrayal that would give Fatal Attraction a run for its money. Despite being a classic in the pantheon of South Korean cinema, the film is largely underrepresented so make sure to catch it this month at the Cinematheque. | TICKETS.

January 21, 22, 29, 30 | The Cinematheque 1131 Howe St. MAP

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