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Red Truck Beer Company




295 East 1st Avenue | Vancouver B.C | V5T 1A7
Telephone: 604-682-4RED (604-682-4733)
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.redtruckbeer.com
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If you are a licensee and would like to serve our great beer at your establishment, please contact us at 604-682-4RED or drop us a line at [email protected]


  • Red Truck Beer
  • Red Truck Beer
  • Red Truck Beer
  • Red Truck Beer
  • Red Truck Beer
  • Red Truck Beer
  • Red Truck Beer

Our Signature Beers

Red Truck Ale | A blend of premium Belgian malts, plus German and Pacific Northwest hop varieties gives this luscious, copper-hued ale a wonderful complex aroma, a rich depth of flavour, and smooth drinkability.

Red Truck Lager | Made with Canadian Prairie tow-row malted barley and hops imported from Germany and the Czech Republic. Red Truck Lager is a beer with world-class credentials.

Red Truck I.P.A | This is a bright IPA filled with lovely floral, pine, and citrus aromas and flavours. A soft sweetness followed with a lingering bitterness makes this beer an easy drinking friend suitable for all occasions.
6.3% abv / 69 IBU.

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  • Red Truck Ale_final-01

Be on the lookout for our latest Releases of the immensely popular ‘Red Truck Limited’.  Red Truck Ltd are unique seasonal products only available in limited quantities at specific locations throughout Vancouver.

About Red Truck


Red Truck Beer is built on the values of a simpler time when bars only served beer and whiskey, when trucks were working vehicles and not status symbols, and when business deals were sealed with a handshake and a toast.

The Red Truck Brewing Company has been one of the fastest growing breweries in BC over it’s 8 years in business. The  Red Truck Beer Company is  an operation that is focused of making and delivering the freshest beer available currently based in North Vancouver

About the only thing we like more than making beer and enjoying it ourselves is sharing it with those who appreciate the difference that comes with being delivered fresh. Our brewing team has been painstakingly brewing delicious Red Truck Lager and Ale and ‘Limited’ as slowly as they can, always maintaining the notion of quality over quantity. Fortunately for the Red Truck Beer Company, The brewing team has been doing a fantastic job. So good in fact, we have to move from our brewery in North Vancouver to new digs on East 1st Avenue – smack dab in the middle of the city in Brewery Creek.

Complete with a 50’s-style Truck Stop, Red Truck Beer Company will be packaging its fresh beer in bottles, cans, bombers, growlers and kegs from this home that is set to open in spring of 2014.


Pasteurization may be good for milk, but it’s bad for beer. That’s why we don’t ‘cook’ our beer to preserve it. Mostly because our beer was meant to be enjoyed today. And also, quite frankly, because it never gets a chance to stick around that long anyway.

Craft-brewed in Small Batches

We’re not a factory. We don’t crank out billions of bottles of our beer. We’ll take quality over quantity every day of the week. So if we ever happen to run out of your favourite kind of Red Truck beer, don’t worry. We’re brewing more as slowly as we can.

Red Truck is a member of CAMRA B.C, and proud sponsor of Slo Pitch For Kids/ Make A Wish, as well as the Underwear Affair. A supporter of all that is local, we are excited about our plans to move into our Brewery Creek facility and increasing our role in the community in Vancouver and beyond. Until then and forever forward, we will continue to take quality over quantity every single time.


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  1. just wanted to send a shout out to Red Truck…your beer is the only draft I will drink….if you haven’t tried it ,what the hell are you waiting for !?!?!? And…Sam is the best !

  2. thanks so much Doug! There are some amazing microbrews in BC so don’t miss out on all of them! Thank you so much for your loyalty and your comments. We’ll keep it up on our end!!

    my best and thanks

    Sam Payne
    Red Truck Beer

  3. Red Truck sponsors a bike team, and that makes them the shiz. That the beer is great? A welcome aside.

    Plus I drafted a couple of your riders around Richmond one night. Boy was that fun…until they peeled off and I had to exert myself to maintain 35km/h again!