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Local Named Chef Of “Market”

As the always reliable Rhonda May over at City Food tells it:

Word out of New York is that Jean-George Vongerichten has chosen former Vancouverite, Chef David Foot, to be his Executive Chef at Market when the restaurant opens at the Shangri-la in late January.

I haven’t heard a peep and there’s nothing on the net, so Rhonda must have had a good inside tip. Nice catch!

Foot was the executive chef at the Beachside Cafe when I first started down the street at the Beach House back in 2001. I don’t think I ate there during his brief tenure, so I’ve no clue as to what his food is all about, though I wonder if he would have ever been allowed to do his own thing at this notoriously micro-managed West Van room (now Crave Beachside – no relation). ChefDB has him there for only that year, after which he moved on to Aria in the Westin Grand and then the Sheraton in Surrey.

Read Rhonda’s full post here. It’s a goodie with lots of info on his most recent moves.

Congrats to Mr. Foot.

There are 3 comments

  1. I’m a little disappointed on this one. I hoped that would Jean-George would place of his young rising stars in the position. I guess we’ll see…….

  2. Dear Mr. Lightly,

    I feel that perhaps you should be more supportive of a once local chef being named to this position and the reasoning behind the decesion to look for talent locally for this exciting venture.

    Have you cooked outside of Vancouver? Would you hope to be looked upon for the next big job or would you hope that they look beyond you?

    Mr. Whipple

  3. I’m just saying that from a cooks perspective it would be much more exciting to work a chef who had put in time in one of his New York places, particularly his flagship restaurant. I’m all for hiring local, but I just thought it would be more interesting if a michelin calibre chef was given the job. That being said, I am sure Mr. Foot will do a great job.