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HEADS UP: Clean Your House For The Year Of The Snake & Get Ready For The Parade

The Year of The Snake is upon us! Chinese tradition holds that thoroughly cleaning your home prior to New Year’s Day sweeps away any bad luck from the past year, so spend a little time cleaning up your digs. Once the elbow grease has been applied and everything is in tip-top shape (dust bunnies banished and fridges sparkling), there will be lots of room for good luck to settle in.  IMPORTANT: cleaning on new year’s day is considered a bad idea because you could be sweeping away all the good fortune that will see you through the year ahead.

So…Saturday: Clean. Sunday: Don’t clean.

Once everything is sorted on the home front, consider taking yourself out for a nice dinner somewhere where you can relax and plan for next Sunday’s Chinese New Year Parade (Feb. 17th), which starts in Chinatown at 11am. We like Landmark Hotpot House, Bao Bei, Kirin, Fortune House, but choose your own adventure. This year is the 40th anniversary of the parade and attendance is something of a Vancouver tradition that you’ll want to participate in. Top tips: leave the car at home, dress for the weather, and anticipate pipes, drums, and dragons.