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Gastown’s “Old Faithful” Shop Arrives on West Cordova Street


The paper came off the windows of 320 West Cordova last weekend to reveal Old Faithful, a new Gastown shop by Walter Manning and his girlfriend Savannah Olsen. I popped in to find Manning and his dog Jean-Pierre holding the fort down, plus a whole bunch of cool stuff (check it all out after the leap).

  • Old Faithful 111
  • Old Faithful 108
  • Old Faithful 106
  • Old Faithful 105
  • Old Faithful 103
  • Old Faithful 102
  • Old Faithful 099
  • Old Faithful 098
  • Old Faithful 095
  • Old Faithful 091
  • Old Faithful 081
  • Old Faithful 079
  • Old Faithful 078
  • Old Faithful 076
  • Old Faithful 075
  • Old Faithful 071
  • Old Faithful 069
  • Old Faithful 066
  • Old Faithful 064
  • Old Faithful 059
  • Old Faithful 057
  • Old Faithful 055
  • Old Faithful 053
  • Old Faithful 052
  • Old Faithful 049
  • Old Faithful 046
  • Old Faithful 047
  • Old Faithful 043
  • Old Faithful 038
  • Old Faithful 041
  • Old Faithful 040
  • Old Faithful 050
  • Old Faithful 037
  • Old Faithful 035
  • Old Faithful 034
  • Old Faithful 033
  • Old Faithful 028
  • Old Faithful 029
  • Old Faithful 027
  • Old Faithful 026
  • Old Faithful 048
  • Old Faithful 056

The room is beautiful. High ceilings, exposed brick walls, wooden floors. The National was playing on the stereo.

I asked Manning what inspired him to open a store and, without a moment of hesitation, he told me about his Grandfather. As a kid growing up in Newfoundland, Manning spent a lot of time helping out at his grandpa’s store. He admired the hard work and dedication that he saw. He remembered clearly his grandpa’s words: “You’ll never be happy working for anyone else”. And so arrives Old Faithful, “an everyday living store stocking quality goods.” It’s that simple.

The inventory is what you’d expect to find at a well stocked general store. You’ll find basics like soap, linens, light bulbs and, yes, washboards. Shelves are uncluttered but lined with things like lanterns and dishes, cutting boards and coffee pots. There are also more indulgent items like stationary, perfumes, books and plants. Everything has been chosen carefully for quality.

I loved the simple leather change wallets, the potted plants and the ceramic berry baskets. The D & S Durga line of  eau de parfum and eau de cologne were my favourite finds – subtle scents with names like My Indian Childhood, Cowboy Grass, Beartrapper (“Modified from a 16th century Russian alchemist’s potion used to attract bears. A blend of cedarwood, tarragon, and Japanese yuzu complemented by leather notes and mandarin peel. Ours attracts other beasts”).

In the end I left with some red cedar incense and some Lulu Organics lavender and sage hair powder (it smelled nice and I’m a sucker for retro packaging).

It’s well worth checking out for yourself.

Old Faithful Shop | 320 West Cordova | 778 – 327 – 9376

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  1. Gorgeous shoppe. Love the bare bones, back to basics feel of the room. Very nice flow. Enjoyed my visit, thank you.