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Five Ways to Celebrate ‘420 Day’ Deliciously

BC’s ‘favourite’ holiday is here: Thursday, April 20th: 420 Day! Cannabis consumption has changed a lot over the past couple of years and, as a result, so have the ways of celebrating it. Case in point: edibles.

Gone are the days when the only available options were the brownies that one ‘stoner’ kid at school made (one piece was usually strong enough to take out the entire class). For those of us who ate one of those brownies (and were left traumatized by the experience), anxiety about getting “too high” can still often make trying new products tricky. Fear not! These days, edibles are a great way to have more control over your dosage and maintain a longer high. Here is a list of five products currently on the market to seek out (and consume wisely, of course)…

“Fast acting”

THC Kiss Shot: This little 30ml drink comes in three flavours – mango, guava, and ‘dragon’s kiss’ (aka mango and guava) – and delivers 10mg of THC per bottle. It’s a ‘full spectrum’ product (meaning that instead of containing a specific isolated component or cannabinoid, it’s got all the same cannabinoids as the plant it was extracted from). It also tastes great and starts working quickly. Find out more.

“Sip on this”

Yandi Raspberry Sparkling Cider: A genuinely enjoyable THC beverage can be hard to find, but this naturally flavoured and effervescent apple cider version from Yandi Fresh is just that. Bonus: Culinarily inclined cannabis consumers should scroll down to the bottom of the home page for The Yandi Palmer and Yandi Fresh Panna Cotta Recipes. A detailed rundown of how to pair cannabis with food is also just a click away (top right corner, “Food Pairings”). Find out more.

“Time to unwind”

Spinach Feelz 2:1 THC+CBG (Chill Bliss) Gummies: These pineapple and starfruit flavoured gummies taste way better than most regular versions! And with a 2:1 ratio of THC to CBG (an isolated cannabinoid that promotes uplifting and relaxing feelings) these treats are the perfect way to unwind. Find out more.

“Get uplifted”

Wana Exotic Yuzu (High Dose Med) Gummies: For those looking for a higher dose of CBD in their edibles, these bright and fresh yuzu fruit gummies contain 5mg THC and 10mg CBD per square (10mg THC and 20mg CBD per pack). Perfection. Find out more.

“Mellow out”

Stewart Farms Bubba Kush Bath Bomb: Definitely not edible, but delicious in its own right. Don’t be intimidated by the 42.5-57.5mg on the package – this bath bomb won’t get you high in the traditional sense. The Bubba Kush – with White Grapefruit, Lavender and Ylang Ylang essential oils, as well as Indica – will melt your troubles away and leave your body feeling ultra relaxed. Bonus: in the (very real) likelihood that this 420 Day is a rainy one, relaxing in a hot bath is a great way to partake without braving the elements and crowds. Find out more.

Although chilling out, having fun, raising awareness and connecting with the cannabis community in a safe, inclusive and positive atmosphere is the spirit of 420 Day, it’s also important to remember the history of the cannabis industry and how our privilege provides us with a very different experience than many utilizing it before us. Check out https://cannabisamnesty.ca/legalizeus/ for information on the continuing effects of the prohibition on cannabis and how we can help those with outdated cannabis-related charges. “No one be continued to be punished for something that is no longer illegal.” Happy 420!

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