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Early 70’s Lunar Astronauts’ 16mm Films Converted to Stunning 60 Frames Per Second

For the past few weeks, the preservationists at Dutch Steam Machine have been crystal clear 60 frames per second conversions of the jittery 16mm (12 frames per second) films that American astronauts made on the surface of the moon in the early 1970s. From joyriding the cratered surface in Apollo 16’s four-wheeling Rover (below) to the final descent and landing of Apollo 15 (above), the super smooth results are pretty transfixing!

Proud Backyard Chef Shows Off Outstanding DIY Barbecue Set-Up

From his waterwheel-powered rotisserie to his four-storey filing cabinet full of spuds and corn, this guy is killing it.

This Might Be the Strangest TV Ad Ever Made for a Candy Bar

Everybody keeps secrets, even from their loved ones. This advertisement takes that theme to a bizarre extreme.

How Stainless Steel Knives, Forks and Spoons Are Made

From grinding serrations to spoon bowls, this short video details how our everyday eating implements are made.

Short Film Uses Beauty of International Banknotes to Tell Strange Story of Money

Corrie Francis Parks animates pieces of paper currency and grains of sand to create a visual poem on global economics.