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“Bobwheelers” Aim Spotlight On Climate Change During Games…


Giggle. I spent a good part of my morning on the beach in front of my house today, looking back up at the mountains and wondering if the bears were awakening from hibernation, confused no doubt by all the birds chirping and lack of, you know, cold and snow. Fittingly, when I returned home, I found this email in my inbox:

Offsetters, the Official Carbon Offset Supplier of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, launched their tongue-in-cheek campaign today to make Bobwheeling a demonstration sport for future Winter Games that may lack snow and ice due to climate change. The Bobwheel will make appearances in Vancouver as part of the spectator engagement campaign Offsetters is implementing before and during the Games to educate visitors, spectators and locals about climate change and offsetting.

I realise climatologists are pinning the unseasonably high temperatures on El Nino (that little f@cking bastard), but I nevertheless got a kick out of the idea of 2 men careening down Taylor Way in a bobwheeler. They already do street luge, so why not? Learn more at www.Bobwheeling.com.

PS. We’ve just learned that if you hear one more person jokingly comment that this should be the Summer Olympics and not the Winter Olympics, you are free to kick them in the left knee, really hard.

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