Wine Vikings Wine Club Gives a ‘Supplier Shout Out’ to Downlow’s Doug Stephen

Scout works with a lot of local restaurants to get the word out about the cool and delicious things they’re doing, but they couldn’t do what they do without access to awesome ingredients. To get what they need, culinary creatives depend on personal networks of passionate artisans, farmers and producers who often work hard without ever seeing the glory they deserve. Since it’s always good to recognize those who have your back, we bring you the Supplier Shout Out!

In this edition, Wine Vikings profiles their latest local collaborator and “Wine Viking”, about his Fall 2021 wine pick…

Name of the person recommending the wine and where they work: Doug Stephen, Co-Owner Downlow Brands.

Name of wine: Garoff Grumello Valtelina Superiore.

If this wine were a movie star, who would it be? Liam Neeson – quiet yet strong, very stoic and with a special set of skills.

What snack would this wine go well with? Mushrooms on toast and beef tartare, two of my favourite snacks!

ABOUT THE WINE VIKINGS | Launched January 2021, Wine Vikings is a subscription-based wine club focused on upping your wine game. Quarterly, subscribers will be introduced to six exclusive wines that have been discovered, sipped, and vetted by some pretty badass chefs, restaurateurs, and wine directors who know what’s up in the world of wine. Our Wine Vikings. Even better? Each delivery will be accompanied by a video that will guide you through your tasting experience in a fun, relatable, and unpretentious way to help you understand what you’re sippin’ on and why it matters. Find out more.

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