You Need to Try the Katsu Sandos and Curry-Dusted Curly Fries at ‘Pizza Coming Soon’

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Good katsu sandwiches are humble doses of comforting deliciousness that are worth seeking out, and they do them right at the Japanese stoner food-inspired Pizza Coming Soon in Chinatown (formerly New Mitzie’s). Between the pillowy soft slices of milk bread are satisfyingly juicy inches of breaded pork loin dressed in tonkatsu sauce, the meat topped by a nose-twinkling slaw of wasabi-licked shredded cabbage. Making them all the more enjoyable are hot sides of extra-curly fries toss-dusted with a gentle curry powder.

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  1. Yeah… these are literally called katsusando in Japanese, so there’s no avoiding it here!

  2. No. It’s from Japan, where an egg salad sandwich is called a Tamago Sando. You see the pattern here, I’m sure.

    However, I implore everyone to stop using the word ‘resto’ for restaurant. No reason for that crap.

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