Remembering Gastown’s Ambitious but Doomed Modern German Restaurant

The ever-evolving Restaurant Graveyard series looks back at the countless, long-shuttered establishments that helped to propel Vancouver’s food and drink forward. Full A-Z with maps and photos here. May they never be forgotten!

Possibly hamstrung out of the gate in 2015 by its German owner, notorious B-movie director Uwe Boll (Alone in the Dark, Rampage, Postal etc.), and his pre-opening predilection for bluntly insulting other Vancouver restaurants in his own video series, the arrival of the ambitious Bauhaus restaurant was met with deafening quiet from the community it sought to join. This was despite a beautiful interior design transformation of 1 West Cordova St. (previously Boneta restaurant), the unquestionable talents of Michelin-starred chef Stefan Hartmann, and without a doubt the very best schnitzel in town. The modern German restaurant did receive the occasional award and love letter in the press, but such accolades never moved the needle in terms of its overall reception in Gastown, which remained consistently lukewarm over the course of its five-year run. Staff turnover and some rough luck with the old building could not have helped, but it was a complete falling out with the restaurant’s landlord (coupled with Covid) that led to its unceremonious closure in March, 2020.

  • Beef tartare with rye bread
  • Duck confit (1)
  • Bauhaus-9
  • Bauhaus-4
  • Northern Divine caviar and Veuve Clicquot
  • Pumpkin Risotto
  • _DSC1610
  • _DSC0880-Edit
  • Front of House
  • Beef tartare
  • Octopus
  • _DSC3222
  • _DSC3756
  • Kevin Curley
  • A70C3B84-CE34-4731-A14B-8D1AFBE26A77
  • _DSC8829
  • Wine pairing
  • Duck confit
  • ChrisKuehnel-6
  • Salmon Mousse (1)
  • Rye bread with beef tartare
  • Bauhaus-6
  • Bauhaus-15


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