MIS EN PLACE PODCAST // New Season Begins With Revisit of ‘No Tipping’ Business Model

Welcome to the Mis En Place podcast. Hosted by chef, restaurateur and Chefs Table Society president Robert Belcham, the podcast covers a variety of topics related to the complicated lives of the people who cook your food.

A fresh batch of podcasts demands a fresh goal. Our sophomore season aims to do more than produce stimulating dialogue about progressive change – we aim to produce results. Each episode will produce a field guide to the evolution of a key element in the career and workplace of the professional cook…also available as a downloadable e-book. The ideal topic to kick off this new approach is the one we talked about the most last season – the service-included or no tipping business model.

Host Robert Belcham welcomes back some familiar voices, Carl Heinrich of Richmond Station (Toronto) and Todd Perrin of Mallard Cottage (St.John’s) to take stock of their progress for the field guide. Also joining the show is Margot Baloro, GM and F&B director at Forage Restaurant (Vancouver) to explore a hypothetical scenario or two.

COOKSCAMP – The Mise-en-Place Podcast is produced in Vancouver by the Chefs’ Table Society of British Columbia, with support of media sponsor SCOUT Magazine. Get the Field Guide at chefstablesociety.com.

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