Five Years Ago Today, Juke Fried Chicken Was Starting to Take Shape in Chinatown

For this week’s edition of #ThrowbackThursday we go back exactly five years to the day Scout broke the news about the coming of what is now a Chinatown favourite…

Five years ago today I met up with Cord Jarvie, Justin Tisdall and Bryan Satterford to hear tell of their new restaurant project, Juke Fried Chicken. When it launched at 182 Keefer St. behind schedule in late July, 2016, it did so to an immediate and loyal following that was quickly appreciative of the chicken’s distinct taste.

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Here’s what we published later that day:

Justin Tisdall has succumbed to Chambar Effect, that odd force that regularly turns former employees of the perennial Beatty Street favourite into restaurateurs — and usually very successful ones. He and Hawksworth sous chef Bryan Satterford have pooled their resources with the support of Meat & Bread co-owner Cord Jarvie to secure the brand new, concrete and glass ground floor spot at 182 Keefer Street. The 1,530 sqft location occupies the northwest corner of the new Westbank Building in Chinatown, which – as these photos plainly indicate – is still very much under construction. With it, they’re planning for a 48 seat, fully licensed fried chicken and rib eatery called Juke. 1/3 of the space will be dedicated to takeaway service (via a window), while the other 2/3 will operate as a full service restaurant. The window will be open all day until close, while the restaurant will be dinner only to start, with Saturday and Sunday brunches. Mmm, fried chicken and waffles!

The restaurant has only improved over its first five years, perfecting its core items, celebrating holidays and occasions with outlandish feasts, expanding cocktail operations with its Chickadee Room, collaborating with other local small businesses to make new and delicious things, and generally maintaining a high level of casual appeal, even in the midst of a global pandemic. So here’s to their next five years (raises coffee cup)! May the waters be like glass.

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