You Need to Try Chef Tomoko Tahara’s Breakfast Set at Powell Street’s New ‘Harken’

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Chef Tomoko Tahara of Japantown’s new Harken Coffee  takes care to create inventive, Japanese-inspired and vegan food that fits perfectly with Eldric Stuart’s coffee program. It’s all thoughtful, honest and clean. Tomoko plates a modest selection of simple comfort foods like miso soup, Koshihikari (rice congee porridge), Japanese curry and edamame pea smash, but the Harken Breakfast is worth carving out a piece of your weekend for.

Inspired by the morning meal of Buddhist Monks, the Harken Breakfast ($15, and only available on weekends) includes a nourishing bowl of miso soup, five sides (creamy salted beets in plum sauce; farm arugula goma ae; cured tofu with house vinaigrette; daikon slaw with house made mayo; eggplant with miso glaze) and a bowl of steamed rice. Every facet of the breakfast tray brings a distinct texture and flavours. It pairs well with an uplifting coffee or Hojicha latte. I’d also urge you to tack on an order of sourdough with miso butter and housemade preserve!

  • Harken Breakfast Set
    Harken Breakfast Set
  • Edamame Pea Smash | Harken
    Edamame Pea Smash | Harken
  • Hojicha Latte| Harken
    Hojicha Latte| Harken
  • Harken Breakfast
    Harken Breakfast
  • Harken proprietor Eldric Stuart
    Harken proprietor Eldric Stuart
  • Chef Tomoko Tahara  | Harken Coffee
    Chef Tomoko Tahara | Harken Coffee
  • TLT (Tempeh Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and sesame mayo) | Harken Coffee )
    TLT (Tempeh Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and sesame mayo) | Harken Coffee )
  • Sourdough with Miso Butter | Harken
    Sourdough with Miso Butter | Harken
  • Harken Coffee
    Harken Coffee

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