Inside Vancouver’s Newest Wine Bar

Located at 957 East Hastings in the recently completed Strathcona Village condo complex, the new VV Tapas Lounge has been open for a little over a week now.

The bright, 45 seat space is looking pretty slick with its windowed frontage, high ceilings, ivy wall, and 11-seat underlit bar (complete with bark cladding). As you might recall from the story we published on VV when it was still under construction, it was mid-wifed by former Mission Kits sommelier/co-owner Chase Macleod, who has switched gears to become a hospitality consultant. The day-to-day manager is sommelier Rachelle Goudreau, who you might recognise from her stints at La Brass and Provence Marinaside.

As I mentioned in the previous story, my house is just around the corner from VV. I’d been crossing my fingers that whatever went into this space would be something interesting, and it looks like that wish has been granted. As the name suggests, the kitchen puts out small share plates, things like mixed olives, buttered and salted radishes, beef tallow popcorn, devilled duck eggs, and lamb scrapple. The drinks list has over two dozen options by the glass, offering a mix of interesting local and international wines. There are also several dessert wines and sherries, plus a few beers, all of which are local.

Take a look inside if you haven’t already…


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There are 6 comments

  1. Nice enough little spot aesthetically speaking. wine list boring and uninspired. Could the sommeliers in this town be any less creative these days. Another list with Bella and Syncromesh. I mean c’mon people stop being a bunch of sheep. There are over 300 wineries in BC. Find stuff that not every one of your colleagues is pouring, Might as well hit up the local Wine shop and stay home. Our server Dawn was amazing!

  2. Looking forward to trying it out if I’m in the neighbourhood, but where are the noise-dampening elements in the space? I hope they learn from concrete-heavy spots like 33 acres and torafuku, which both had to add dampening panels after opening because of volume. Not only will this make it a more pleasant dining experience for patrons, but also for staff hearing safety.

  3. well, Bill I am not familiar with Bella, however, Syncromesh is an outstanding winery. I have been there and was greatly impressed with their wines. Yes, there are amazing wines in the universe, too many to comment on here, however, to each his own with your less than glowing remarks.

    I do look forward to going to VV Tapas Lounge. Cheers!

  4. Er…Bella and Syncromesh make wonderful wines, Bill. If that makes me a sheep, then baaaahhhhhhh.

  5. Andrew I never said that those wines were not wonderful. Just that every wine geeky restaurant in Vancouver is pouring them and I when I go out I like to try different things. Sommeliers should be working hard to bring us new and exciting wines. Hopefully VV will rotate through fun and exciting new wines as they get their feet under them.

  6. Looks like my wines from VWV would be an amazing fit with their name
    I will have to pop in and say hi when I am down next and sample their share plates and see what they have to offer

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