Nick’s Spaghetti House on Commercial Drive to Close after 62 Years

A friend informed us yesterday (and a server confirmed last night) that the venerable Nick’s Spaghetti House on Commercial Drive was on its way out, closing after December 21st. The old school spot – long famous for its meatballs and classic red sauce joint decor – has been a neighbourhood institution since the 1950s, and will no doubt be sorely missed by the community.

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If you want to get in before it’s too late, it’s likely best to book your table now. She informed us there they were accepting reservations up to but not including the final service. We were also told that the space had already been leased to another operator. It will definitely be weird to see the address house another restaurant…

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  1. I’m extremely SAD to hear this. My father & Mama took us to this restaurant for years, & now they’re both gone, this feels like another death. Everything about Nick’s is old Italy. I will miss this place a ton, while I wish Nick & his family the best, I’m super sad to see this iconic legend close down.

  2. It’s been a fixture in our neighborhood for so many years, love eating there and getting take out. Sad to see them closing! Going to have to get my T-Bone Steak, ribs and cannelloni fix, lasagna and of course their spaghetti!

  3. I feel bad that this place is closing. I love the friendly service and they have the best cheese cake in the city. The evenings my husband and I felt like eating Pasta, this is the restaurant we chose. I will miss them very much.

  4. WOW – and so very sad is the closing of Nick’s Spaghetti House!
    I feel like I’m losing a tradition, as my family has been going to Nick’s since the 70’s. I learned of this closing when I suggested to my boss, that we go there for our staff Christmas dinner this year. My favourite items on the menu were the pork chops served with spaghetti ‘of course’, but I always ordered a side of the meatballs and mushrooms as well because I just couldn’t go to Nick’s without having those famous meatballs.
    We truly enjoyed the small but cozy atmosphere of the restaurant; even if eating there alone, ‘you weren’t’, as the tables were spaced so close together it felt like you were dining with a big family or a bunch of close friends. I don’t believe there is another restaurant like Nick’s in Vancouver or nearby, so will miss this little place that seemed frozen in time.
    It is unfortunate that none of Nick’s family members were interested in taking over the business, but I suppose the fact is, ‘it wouldn’t be the same without Nick’ anyway.
    Thank you Nick for all the wonderful meals and fun times – those memories will be cherished forever.
    Wish you the best Nick in whatever it is you “move on” to.

  5. You started out so small with your booths in the front & the jukebox in the back. I was in my teens & typed your first menus when you opened. My family lived 3 houses away, so it was my hangout. We all would walk down to have family dinners there quite often. That was a long time ago. Always enjoyed your laughter. I’m so happy for you that Nick’s got to be so popular. Good luck to you.

  6. I grew up at 3rd and Woodland, and I was about 10 years old when Nick’s opened. It was the first restaurant I can remember going to with my parents, and over the years I returned hundreds of times.

    The food was always great and the people who ran the place were always warm and friendly. My wife and I live in Port Hardy now and we’re planning a short trip to Vancouver, so I told her I’d take her for the best Italian food in the city.

    I searched to check on the business hours and was very disappointed to read that Nick’s had closed last year. I guess we should’ve planned that trip a bit earlier. Thanks for the memories, Nick’s.

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