On $15 Cups of Coffee and the Best Wine Movies Ever Made


How much would you pay for the best cup of coffee in the world? This podcast episode from Start Up explores the incredible story of the $16 cup of joe.

From the folks that brought you Nuba and Fayuca comes a new 15 seat tortilleria specializing in carnitas.

The Irish parliament knows how to roll. Via the BBC: “Bar bills racked up in Dublin’s parliament buildings will be written off because there is ‘no realistic prospect’ of them being paid.” Cheers.

Munchies tells the story of a Syrian refugee who has gone from dishwasher to the head of a famous burger joint in Denmark.

More praise pouring in for JC Poirier’s recently opened St. Lawrence, this time from Vancouver Sun food critic Mia Stainsby.

NPR pays a visit to a chicken farm to see how one industry leader has partnered with animal rights activists to change the future of poultry farming.

Eater shares their picks for the best new restaurants in America, including Seattle’s JuneBaby and San Francisco’s In Situ.

Have an extra $40 burning a hole in your pocket? A recent study shows that time-saving purchases (such as food delivery or cleaning services) tend to bring more happiness than physical objects.

How one fast food mogul is advocating for transgender rights and employment opportunities.

Bacon lovers be warned! This story may ruin your pork-based affections as SAVEUR delves into the troublesome world of North Carolina’s hog farming industry.

Sideways, Somm and Almost Famous? You read that right folks. Punch’s Jon Bonne makes the case for Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous as one of the best wine films of all time.

Liquor.com shares their picks for the most influential cocktail bars in America, including Portland’s Clyde Common and New York’s Mayahuel (which is set to close in a few short weeks).

Looking for a more extensive list? Eater shares their picks for the best bars in major cities across North America including Seattle, Portland and Montreal.

Food & Wine breaks down the facts of the current global plastic crisis as trillions of tons of plastic waste continue to pile up in our landfills.

Two powerhouse bartenders share their thoughts on gender inequality in the hospitality industry and what it means to advocate for change.

A new website is helping friends and family give the gift of food.

This week in food and science: Researchers at Columbia University have discovered a way to turn yeast into a biosensor to help doctors detect cholera. Fascinating!

From restaurants to bars and beaches to boutiques, Scout shares its guide to the best that Kitsilano has to offer.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to The Real Dumpling King and this scrumptious bowl of dumplings, of course!

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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