It Offers Workers Truly Spectacular Commutes

1,000 Cool Things About Vancouver is a pretty self-explanatory Scout column that gives equal weight to the common attributes and obscure intangibles that make our city well worth living in. Getting to a thousand is a pretty ambitious goal, but we believe in our city and we’re already well under way, avoiding the typical.


by Scott Daniel | What’s more soul destroying than the mundane, workaday existence of thousands of our office dwelling comrades? Only the dreary chore of conveying the wretched souls to and from their home for daily workplace humiliation. Having said that, in Vancouver we benefit from a pretty darn reliable, efficient, and well-integrated transportation system. As an added bonus, our transit doesn’t shy away from the natural beauty of Vancouver. It gets right in it, cruises on, over, and under it, making the act of active transportation in our fair city a joyful celebration of the beauty of this place. We’ve even heard tell of people who commute in/out of Coal Harbour by float plane; they probably don’t need a reminder of how good they have it! But for the half million of us travelling by Skytrain, Seabus or footcycle each day, it’s worth remembering we’ve got it pretty good, too.


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  1. Yes but anti-mobility pricing nimbys don’t wait to help reduce urban congestion which makes those same scenic transit routes a living hell.