The Joys Of Beer & Train-Watching At The Alibi Room’s Table 11


A long time ago we posted a reader’s poll listing what we considered to be the top five restaurant tables in Vancouver. We received so much in the way of reader feedback – both positive and negative that we’ve decided to shine a brighter light on the subject, one excellent table at a time. You’ll find more great tables here.


This one is kind of a no-brainer. There are many good tables to be had at this beer-focused institution, but #11 – a window deuce – is the absolute best of the bunch. It suffers one major Achilles’ heel, however, and that is its unfortunate distance from the kitchen, the front door, and the bar. It’s a bit of a parade getting to and from, so best sit tight, take another sip and stare out of the window. Which is exactly the point. The first time I ever set foot in the Alibi Room – this was many years ago – I sat at #11. A few beers in I was nice and buzzed, not noticing that there were trains just outside the window until they started moving with a sudden clang! A gooder in any weather with occasionally sweet sunset vibes.

Alibi Room | 157 Alexander St. | 604 623 3383 |

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