The Battle Of The Booths At “Juke Fried Chicken” In Chinatown



A long time ago we posted a reader’s poll listing what we considered to be the top five restaurant tables in Vancouver. We received so much in the way of reader feedback – both positive and negative that we’ve decided to shine a brighter light on the subject, one excellent table at a time. You’ll find more great tables here.


At first and second glance it looks as if tables #51 and #52 are identical at the new Juke Fried Chicken restaurant in Chinatown. The pair of brown leather-backed booths – my two favourite tables in the restaurant – might be side by side, but they might as well be worlds apart. Those who sit at #51 are part of the action; they’re highly visible in the boisterous lounge area, not to mention conspicuous from the front door (and sidewalk beyond). In contrast, #52 is tucked behind a cylindrical pillar of concrete and a communal hightop table, which both serve (unwittingly, natch) to shield it from the rest of the restaurant. It’s also next to the entrance to the washrooms, so the comings and goings are of an entirely different sort. What’s more, though outwardly the same in framing, the bench seats at #51 are not as deep as those on #52 (by a couple of inches), which is to say that they’re a bit of a snug fit. If you require the added gut/ass space – and let’s face it, you’re at a fried chicken joint, so you just might – the more secluded #52 is your best seat in the house. However, if you’re more social and svelte, #51 is your stage.

img_2858 img_5087

  • Keefer St. Exterior | Juke
  • From the sidewalk | Juke
  • Interior, just a few minutes before the first guests arrive | Juke
  • Fried chicken skin with sour cream and onion mousse | Juke
  • Drinks menu | Juke
  • The bar | Juke
  • Watermelon Americano | Juke
  • Banquette | Juke
  • Biscuits and schmaltz
  • Take-out menu | Juke
  • Communal high-top | Juke
  • Chicken sandwiches with grainy mustard mayo, slaw, BBQ sauce | Juke
  • Cocktailery | Juke
  • Mac & Cheese amazingness | Juke
  • Same | Juke
  • Booths | Juke
  • Peach, tomato, pecorino salad with basil
  • From the take-out area | Juke
  • Coleslaw with lime and peanut vinaigrette and crispy pigs ear Coleslaw with lime and peanut vinaigrette and crispy pigs ear | Juke
  • Service begins | Juke
  • Radishes and turnips with bacon vinaigrette | Juke
  • Moments before service | Juke
  • Chicken skin close-up | Juke
  • Let's Go Crazy  (Bulleit Bourbon, mint, lime, ginger, egg white & old fashioned bitters)
  • Light detail | Juke
  • Peach cream doughnuts | Juke
  • High-tops ready for first bums | Juke
  • Dirty Fries loaded with hot sauce, cheese sauce and gravy
  • Fried chicken rack | Juke
  • Take-out detail | Juke
  • Chicken and ribs | Juke
  • Friends and family | Juke
  • Mid-feast | Juke
  • Cord and Oliver...


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