New Location Of Matchstick Coffee Roasters Set To Open This Week On Main St.


Back in December of last year we reported on the coming of a third location of Matchstick Coffee Roasters. Owners Spencer and Annie Viehweger had just taken possession of a big, brand new space at 4811 Main St. in the Riley Park neighbourhood (corner of Main and 32nd), and I had slipped in very early on to take a look while they were hosting a staff meeting:

It’s a great spot on the corner with lots of natural light. Spencer and Annie had actually looked around the area for their first location, but their search had come up empty. “We’re here all the time,” Annie said. “We live close by, and so do a lot of our friends. We love it here.” It’s on the same block as hole-in-the-wall legends Au Petit Cafe and Long’s Noodle House; just a short walk from Nat Bailey stadium and the winter farmers market. Their floor plan is calling for 35 seats inside, so it’s around the same size as the Fraserhood location, minus the roastery in the back. I imagine they’ll stick to their trademark clean, Spartan, woodsy-industrial aesthetic with lots of communal seating. What will definitely set this address apart, however, is a patio. They’re hoping to have over 15 seats outdoors, which sounds awesome. “It’s going to be flexible public space.” Spencer explained. “We see it as everyone’s living room.”

I’ve always imagined it as something of a blank slate advantage to start fresh as the opening tenants in a new building. It’s cool to see how projects like these come about. It was definitely a very raw space back then, as these images make plain…

  • IMG_2624
  • IMG_2586
  • IMG_2566
  • IMG_2565
  • IMG_2562
  • IMG_2560
  • IMG_2558
  • IMG_2554
  • IMG_2628

Fast forward to this afternoon, a day before the new location’s launch, and the extent of the transformation is crazy evident (save for the sidewalk patio, which is still in the works). One of my favourite things about Matchstick – aside from their consistently good Catalogue beans, which are always at hand in our office – is its ability to keep the look fresh and new while adapting to the challenges of each location, all without sacrificing (or altering) one iota of their brand’s aesthetic DNA. Each space feels very much like a Matchstick space – stylish but family-friendly, cool but not precious, capable but not pretentious. And the same is true here. It’s brighter; the heretofore woodsy-industrial aesthetic now sanded down to a more refined polish with isolated dark/royal blues and brass highlights accenting base whites, light woods, and glossy concrete galore. It looks fantastic. Hats off to the team at Harmony Pacific Projects for a job well done (again); to Tim Grant of Wood Reform for his beautiful communal and modular tables; and to furniture craftsman Richard Jarvis, who designed a sweet chair in there that – figuratively – really has my name on it. As mentioned, opening day is tomorrow (Thursday, August 18th), so go on in and take a good long look for yourself…

  • IMG_2845
  • IMG_2717
  • IMG_2725
  • IMG_2715
  • IMG_2719
  • IMG_2730
  • IMG_2761
  • IMG_2743
  • IMG_2829
  • IMG_2742
  • IMG_2813
  • IMG_2760
  • IMG_2733
  • IMG_2815
  • IMG_2814
  • IMG_2832
  • IMG_2809
  • IMG_2799
  • IMG_2769
  • IMG_2805
  • IMG_2803
  • IMG_2785
  • IMG_2780
  • IMG_2773
  • IMG_2765
  • IMG_2712
  • IMG_2704
  • IMG_2741
  • IMG_2740
  • IMG_2738
  • IMG_2727
  • IMG_2722
  • IMG_2767
  • IMG_2707
  • IMG_2824


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  1. You guys are amazing . We need many more successful young people in business, providing jobs for those looking for them & the opportunity that to goes with them!

    Uncle Jim