Bufala & Wildebeest Owners To Open New Seafood Spot “Supermarine” In Kitsilano


Award-winning restaurateurs James Iranzad and Josh Pape are just a few weeks away from opening their third eatery together. First there was Wildebeest in Gastown (2012), then there was Bufala in Kerrisdale (June 2014), and soon there will be Supermarine in the heart of Kitsilano.

Located in the old Abigail’s Party location at 1685 Yew Street, the new 35 seater will focus squarely on seafood. Jacob Deacon-Evans will be the executive chef. This will be his first time at the helm, but it sounds like he’s ready and raring to go. Before he rose to the chef de cuisine position at Wildebeest, Jacob toiled on the line at local legends such as Bishop’s and West, so he’s no stranger to excellence or pressure.

From what I understand of the concept, the threesome’s goal is to bring the “seafood restaurant” idea forward in Vancouver without being too fancy, formal, or precious about it. Without knowing anything about the menu save for occasional hints dropped in broad strokes, the pedigrees of those involved would steer anyone to expect good things. I certainly do. If you love seafood, you should be excited.

Pape is one of BC’s top barmen, so Supermarine’s cocktail program is also something to look forward to. He’s aiming for a strong list of classics to help expand cocktail culture in the neighbourhood. We’re talking 12 to 15 well made standards, plus 8 to 10 contemporary drinks, among them a Wasabi Sour and a Green Snapper (gin, pineapple, mint, cilantro). Fans of slushies are in luck, as the bar will sport the requisite machine (and the will to use it).

As for wine, Iranzad tells me the list will stick close to the menu, but adds that every wine will be able to stand on its own deliciousness. He says we’ll see “albarino, muscadet, Loire sauvignon blanc, gruner, fiano, gavi, Clare Valley riesling, sparklings, roses galore, pinots, zweigelt…tasty over regionality all the way.” The menu isn’t exclusively seafood, so we can also expect – as Iranzad puts it – “the odd starfucker red for your surf & turf pleasure.”

Dinner will be served from 5:30pm to 2am, six nights a week (closed Sunday evenings). Weekend brunch was an institution at Abigail’s Party, so I trust it will be here as well.

It all sounds pretty perfect for the address. Bonus: killer sidewalk patio just a block up from the ocean.

The images below were taken just before the last service at Abigail’s Party a couple of months ago. Supermarine will look very different. The bar, for example, is being moved and expanded from four seats to seven. The rest – to me, at least – is a complete mystery. We’ll try to show you what it looks like again as opening day approaches.

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  1. This sounds really promising. Bufala and Wildebeest are quality. My only quibble is the name… it sounds like a maritime theme park! Still, I’ll get past it, if the rest measures up.

  2. Like Kelly has already commented….the name sucks! Supermarine sounds like a gas station for boaters and is a bit of a mouthful to say. I have high hopes for the food and service though.

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