Absurdly Delicious “Ham Grenades” At Mamie Taylor’s


Chef Tobias Grignon of Mamie Taylor’s in Chinatown has come up with a brand new item that sounds as if it was borne of a thousand late night bong sessions that ended up in the kitchen.

Imagine, if you will, shreds of slow cooked/smoked ham hock bound up in starchy, cheddar-cheesy nests of julienned potato that have been compressed in a hotel pan and cut into tater tottish sections before getting dunked – three per order – in the deep fryer. Once golden brown, these so-called “Ham Grenades” are anointed with tarragon may0, a dice of pickled apple, and strings of green onion. The result: ridiculous deliciousness.

We had ’em on their test drive this past Friday night, and they remain the best thing we’ve eaten to date in 2015. Look for them on the feature sheet ($6) and hope to hell and back that they find a permanent spot on the regular menu.


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