It’s Your Turn To Choose The Top 10 Pizzerias In Vancouver


You’ve read our findings. Now it’s your turn. Please vote for your favourite Vancouver pizzeria below.

Which restaurant makes the best pizza in Vancouver?

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  1. Just great looks simple but ingredients are top notch and taste is phantastic.

  2. Just great looks simple but ingredients are top notch and taste is phantastic.pizzeria farina.

  3. Pizzería Farina has by far the best pizza in Vancouver, and It’s feel like the perfect place to eat it too. I would give Nicli Antica Pizzería a very close second place. Those are really the best places in Vancouver, apart from my own kitchen 😉

  4. Farina is hands down the best! Barbarella loses all the points for the terrible amature service and space.

  5. I know that Via Tevere is the best I drive all the way from Langley just to eat there. Also I was Italy this year and their pizza at Via Tevere is as good or if not better that what I ate in Italy.

  6. Why waste your time in line if your coming from langley the only place you should stop is at COTTO the desserts will blow you away as well as the pizza. but my vote goes to pizza farina!!

  7. I used to love Barbarella until the original owner left, nothing but downhill since then. The pride and soul of the place is gone, gone, gone!