“Earnest Ice Cream” Set To Open Their New Parlour & Cafe On Fraser Today


by Andrew Morrison | Ben Ernst and Erica Bernardi of Earnest Ice Cream are opening their brick and mortar ice cream parlour and cafe at 3992 Fraser St. today from 5pm to 10pm (formerly The Outpost Cafe). The makers of small batch ice cream started last year with an innovative cycle-freezer that they pedalled to farmer’s markets and various food festivals around town. In that time, they quickly expanded their retail distribution to discerning shops around town, slowly building up their brand’s reputation for quality ingredients, consistent deliciousness, and awesome one-offs (mmm, whiskey hazelnut). Sure and soon enough, the demand started to outstrip the supply, and opening an ice cream parlour with a production facility in the back was the next logical step for them. Ben, Erica, and their staff hosted a “friends and family” dry run last night, scooping cones of salted caramel, strawberry and basil, Tahitian vanilla, and milk chocolate (among other flavours) while pouring celebratory sleeves from Mount Pleasant’s brand new 33 Acres. They’ll be offering ice cream cones, pints, and affogatos (yes!), plus espresso and “pour over” coffee from Matchstick. It’s a lovely space with a bright, airy feel, cozy seating (I love me some swivel stools!), and fully stocked freezers. Take a look above and below and go grab yourself a scoop!


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    1. These guys were one of the first people to rent at Woodland and are the first to move out and into their own space. It has been awesome operating side by side and watching their business grow and evolve. From the million different types of vanilla they tested to them realizing that a cycle-freezer is a real pain in the ass to peddle at the end of the day to the arival of the pneumatic pint filler it has been obvious they wanted to make and represent a product they were proud of and that could hold it’s own against any other product out there.
      Erica and Ben are seriously good people and we’re all very proud of them.

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