HEADS UP: “Brewery And The Beast” Meat & Beer Fest Coming To Vancouver In June

Here’s some tasty news that will get Vancouver carnivores sharpening their claws for summer: Scott and Amy Gurney, the creators of Victoria’s annual Culinaire food festival, are crossing the Strait in June to put on Vancouver’s first ever Brewery and the Beast. Citizens of Victoria enjoyed their first Brewery and the Beast last summer, and it – by all reports – a lip-smacking success. It’s being billed an “event focusing on education and promotion of local farms and ethically raised meat, while highlighting preparations by local chefs.” There are dozens of restaurants involved, among them Bestie, Wildebeest, Maenam, Cibo, Cin Cin, Lolita’s, Black & Blue, West, Meat & Bread, Peckinpah, Pourhouse, and Hawksworth. It’s sponsored by Phillips Brewing and Two Rivers Meats.

The original concept was simple: a large-scale meat-themed event held in the backyard at The Phillips Brewery, featuring well-known chefs skewering, grilling, and carving their creations for enthusiastic guests. “Overall it was a huge success and it inspired us to bring a fun, unique, and educational event to other markets,” says Scott Gurney, Event Coordinator and Creator of Brewery & The Beast. “We are excited to introduce Vancouver to the concept and showcase local and regional farms through the talent of Vancouver’s top chefs.”

Over 30 restaurants and chefs will be participating in the Vancouver event including Forage, Hawksworth, Maenam, West, and Wildebeest. The award- winning Phillips Brewing Company will be on-location to dispense a premium selection of their signature brews from a one-of-a-kind “Gypsy” wagon. Other libations will include wine on tap from the Vancouver Urban Winery, Left Field Cider, Phillips homemade sodas, and traditional Iced Tea. All will be fit to pair with the themed offerings for the day including; whole pig roasts, classic BBQ, charcuterie, culturally inspired creations, and experimental meat concoctions for the more adventurous carnivores.

It goes down on Sunday, June 16th (Father’s Day, woot!) from 1pm to 4pm at Concord Pacific Place (88 Pacific Boulevard). Tickets are $79 plus tax, and can be had here.

There are 7 comments

  1. 79 dollars?
    From 1 pm to 4 pm!
    ummm, think we might be talking major lineups for food and drink samples?
    and then leaving hungry?
    Why can’t it be like…Bite of Seattle or Taste of Tacoma
    Pay as you eat… eat all day.

  2. Anthony feel free to skip the event. Having enjoyed myself at previous events, i have high hopes that this will be a great success (and if you fotk out the $79 im sure you will get your moneys worth)

  3. Anthony,
    Lineups? Hungry? If you went to the Victoria edition,which I did, you never had to wait at all for samples and I left so full I could barely walk! Don’t knock something until you’ve tried it.

  4. “Have you been to Bite of Seattle”
    Many times.
    Lineups yes, but I’m given a bigger window than three hours
    to graze.
    Don’t get me wrong, I hope this one is a huge success.

  5. Scott Gurney is total pro at these events, the inaugural Victoria Edition was a homerun, everyone was fat by the end with many, many new grease stains in Phillips parking lot.

    Might see you there!