Vancouver Detail #273: Smeagol The Eagle, A Winged Fixture Of The Downtown Eastside

This is Smeagol the Eagle, a bald eagle with an 8ft wingspan who is omniscient in the skies over Chinatown, Strathcona, and the whole of the Downtown Eastside. His daily perch sits atop the cross of the Korean Foursquare Church at 431 Princess (at East Pender), where he is well known to the kids of Strathcona School just across the street. Smeagol has a lifemate named Deagol, and the two of them can often be seen swooping, calling, hunting, or just plain hanging out out high, contemplating their urban domain. Next time you’re in the area, look up and say hi.


Vancouver Detail is a new (and overdue) offshoot of Scout’s regular Seen In Vancouver column. With it, we aim to share the more macro scenes of our city’s awesomeness, the things that some of our more hurried readers might miss, from hidden works of art to all manner of unlikely but cool things lying in plain sight. 


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