THE MAKER BRIEFINGS: On Creative Public Spaces, Windowfarms & Guerilla Bike Lanes

by Emily Smith | Public and often community-run workshop spaces are popping up in huge ways. With well over 100 (and growing) of these hackerspaces worldwide, a dense network and community of Makers is forming all over the globe…

The Shanghai Government Technology committee has proposed plans for 100 new creative spaces.

A public library in Fayetteville New York plans for its own “Fab Lab” makerspace which will give the public access to a MakerBot Thing-o-Matic 3D printer (among other cool things). Check out the video above.

And don’t forget our own Hack Space here in Vancouver on West Hastings (which also has a 3D printer).

Andrew Salomone’s hacked knitting machine from the World Maker Faire in New York is bringing Bill Cosby sweaters to a new level.

Want to use your smart phone or touch screen in cold weather and tired of taking off your gloves? Try putting conductive thread on your thumb and index finger. Learn more here.

Head out to Baad Anna’s Knit-A-Thon on Saturday, December 3rd to knit scarves, mittens, and hats for folks at the Downtown East Side Women’s Centre. Those who participate get 15% all yarn in needles (in store) on the day of the event.

Got Craft? holiday edition is coming up on Sunday, December 4th at the Royal Canadian Legion. Show up early and get a swag bag!

In Mexico City, waiting for bicycle lanes is not an option, so several cycling and pedestrian organizations decided to paint their own set of bike lanes.

A food project in Brooklyn is working on vertical, hydroponic “windowfarms” with a pump on a timer that sends water through the system. To help fund this wonderful project, click here.


Emily Smith is a graphic designer, crafter, technical writer, life-hacker, and bicycle lover. She is passionate about DIY, open-source geekery, and facilitating collaborative and creative workspaces. She is an active member of the Vancouver Hack Space (VHS) and enjoys foraging for unlikely materials and increasing bicycle safety. In her off time you can catch her spinning on a drop spindle, dyeing with found materials or knitting half a day away.

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