Smoke Break #788: “How To Make A Less Horrible Website” Tumblr


Loving this tumblr – Never Said About Restaurant Websites – sent to me today by readers DG, CMS, and CM. The uselessness of the overwhelming majority of restaurant websites out there annoys me to no end. I slap my monitor whenever a flash intro starts up and cringe if I hear music or oceanic sound effects. It has driven me freakin’ nuts since the advent of the web, and I’m glad to see I’m not alone.

There are 4 comments

  1. “Never said about restaurant websites” shows exactly why Tumblr is a perfect platform for all creative-type bloggers.

    In fact Tumblr = Twitter, but for grown ups! 🙂

  2. put the iphone back in the 90’s where it belongs.
    your world will grow and blossom and yes transit will still run so you wont be late for your next appointment to hell

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