Corner Suite Named “Best New Vancouver Bar” By Food & Wine


The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe has been named the “Best New Bar In Vancouver” by Food & Wine magazine assistant research editor Kelly Snowden.

“Ten years ago, I knew nothing about the right way to make cocktails—I’d even use my teeth to open a beer,” says mixologist Steve Da Cruz. Today, Da Cruz is a star of Vancouver’s phenomenal cocktail scene.

For the drinks at the new Corner Suite Bistro de Luxe, he resurrects cocktails from 19th-century books, though some of his best drinks have a slightly more modern provenance. One is the Vancouver, a combination of gin, sweet vermouth and Benedictine created at the city’s Sylvia Hotel in the 1950s. “I learned how to make it from a customer with a thick Scottish brogue, who came in dressed like he was one of The Dirty Dozen,” Da Cruz says.

Da Cruz became obsessed with cocktails while hanging out in seminal Manhattan bars like Milk & Honey, but he’s happier in Vancouver. “In New York, you had to twist someone’s arm to lend you an unusual spirit,” he says. “Here, we share what we can.”

The snippet doesn’t say why it’s the “best”, but what’s glossy journalism without those declarative, wholly subjective and hyperbolic headlines? It goes without saying that barman/co-owner Steve Da Cruz can make a drink with the best of them (boy, does he ever), but is CSBDL really the Best New Bar in Vancouver? Maybe, but if we think of all the other places that have opened in the past year (if a year is what Snowden allowed), it’s a pretty tight field. Tannis and her crew at Bao Bei are solid. Jay Jones at Pourhouse is no slouch. And what about the The Diamond, which has amassed enough raw bartending talent to slay all for blocks around?

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  1. The writer only needed two free drinks to come up with that headline. I still think she’s right tho. Steve is the master.

  2. Diamond gets my vote due to the fact I’ve probably say at the bar five times and have seen a good 5-6 different bartenders. The quality of the drinks never dropped and the drink menu is one of the best, top to bottom.

  3. Damn, we’ve got some good watering holes in this city. Minus society. But that’s just like, my opinion man.

    my faves
    but I hear Corner Suite has some damn fine drinks too. I plan to get wasted there once this recession is over, til then, it’s a sixer of kokanee.

  4. I’ve heard too much about this place to write my own comment… courtesy of Public Enemy…

    Some claim that I’m a smuggler
    Some say I never heard of ‘ya
    A rap burgler, false media
    We don’t need it do we?
    It’s fake that’s what it be to ‘ya, dig me?
    Don’t believe the hype…

  5. WOW, that’s the single most ridiculous piece of media I’ve read all year. And there’s been some good ones.

  6. ok people … yes there are a few new ones on the block and I agree Tannis’s and The Diamond are great – love both but they named best new bar … have you been to the bar … its amazing, Steve’s bar menu the largest I’ve seen and his knowledge WOW … but try some new drinks then you will get it! ask him about some “rocks” when you order a whiskey

    PS – society??!! shame on you … we’re talking originalilty not cookie cutter places

  7. Agree with the Lauren Mote comment as well as Pourhouse. Corner Suite looks great, has a very talented staff/ownership, but 30 pages of classics doesn’t move me. What Lauren is doing with the cocktail program at The refinery is by far the most talented and progressive bartending I’ve encountered and hands down is the most interesting thing happening in the B.C. cocktail world right now. No knock to Corner Suite though, congrats!

  8. 1) society makes the best tom collins i have ever had in a rocks glass with ice scooped by “hand” in yaletown
    2) steve da cruz is lovely. good work. like the paint on coat. smokin’ sexy. (non-sarcastic, love you long time)
    3) pourhouse and refinery are innovators, because they’ve removed themselves from politics, and make some of the best drinks in the city. no mind-games, and no bullshit. period.
    3a.) i love pork and beans. i love egg whites.
    4) shaun layton has the best smile, glassware, classics and hats
    5) jt has the best afro and hottest ass.
    6) josh, sophie and charlie make gastown
    7) tannis and dani need to make a cocktail explosion on chinatown.
    8) gimmicks sell cocktails, kate.
    9) lameness sells nothing except bad PR, bad breath, bad hair, bad outfits, and bad neighbourhoods.
    10) this list will be david letterman’s top 10 tonight. tune in.

  9. Well that was mean spirited, lol.
    What ever your opinion on Ms. Motes cocktails, at least she’s attempting something new rather than just serving up another Old Fashioned. Compare Decruz’s “The Genuine Article” to The bar guide at the Merchant Hotel or Duke’s in London and really, it’s the same great classic offerings in all three. There is definitely something to say about the knowledge and execution of these classic. To me, every new establishment opening with the same bar menu, offering the same century old cocktails is more gimmicky than those willing to take risks, innovate on these classics and create bold new creations. Ms. Mote does the latter exceptionally well and at least she’s trying something new.

  10. LOL ! Lauren you gotta make me a Classic Gimmicks one day…
    Society ? Are you serious ? Andrews just being nice by saying er…

    You can find proper cocktails made @ any of these fine establishments :
    (in no order whatsoever)
    Bao Bei
    The Keefer
    Corner Suite Bistro
    Granville Room

    I know I’m missing one or two, so shot on me for those I left out.

  11. Went to Chambar for a friends birthday. Three of the four of us had the mussles. The three who ate the mussles, ended up with food poisoning. We contacted the restaurant to let them know. They never acknowledged our email, or phone call. We’ve never been back. And we are in the restaurant industry. So in my opinion, Chambar is not the shit.

  12. Great, another idiot randomly bitching about food poisoning at an unlikely restaurant that does return its calls and emails. Go yelp yourself over to where you belong, goof.

  13. I guess you can knock Corner Suite for sticking mostly to the classics, but there’s something to be said for doing them so well. Not that you can’t get a good Sazerac (etc) elsewhere, but making the best one is still a feat.

    Though, the Vancouver crown could just as easily go to any number of places, which makes it a good time to enjoy a drink in Vancouver.

  14. Quinn I couldn’t agree with you more!

    Listen there’s room for all the different bars/restaurants in the city so rather than play the comparison how about we go to the places we enjoy and spread the word so others can enjoy along with us!

  15. Indeed, a lot of great spots have opened up in the past year, and we’re extremely fortunate to be able to find great cocktails at a number of places in our city, but I think all that’s beside the point. We should be celebrating the Corner Suite’s designation and recognition by Food and Wine, not diffusing it. Well done, Steve and crew! What great exposure for you and for Vancouver.