Scout Foreign & Domestic: The Penalty Box Green Men Edition

The internet is a busy, messed up place (just look at yourselves). Here are this morning’s surging stories both foreign and domestic. Feast deep and long…


Via Laughing Squid, the world’s most important 60 second drumbeat. I’d also argue for James Brown’s Funky Drummer.

Via Cool Hunting, the new book Eat Out has some pretties and nasties.

Via Flavorwire, an Italian family’s interpretation of Lost.

Via PicoCool, some shots from inside Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market.

Via Treehugger, MIT nerds do away with real food by printing it.

Via Mundo Gump, did you know leaf carving was a thing?

Via 9Gag, a crab that is so into saving the planet that it recycles.

Via Videosift, the world’s most awesome hand ninja.

Via Presurfer, a French artist makes birds play the guitar.


Via Scout’s inbox, Machotaildrop: instant cult film currently making the rounds at the film fests (watch trailer above). Starring local skateboarding pro Rick McCrank. No stuntman could do his stunts.

Via The Canucks, the people behind the penalty box green men. Better than Fin the whale.

Via Walrus, newsflash: Twitter exhausts already exacerbated journalist.

Via The Globe & Mail, WTF? New Yorkers don’t know smoked meat.

Via Westender, the court sides with West Side tenants against unreasonable landlord.

Via Kitsilano, the last remaining Duthie’s Books to be euthanized.

Via Vancouver Sun, it’s finally snowing on Cypress, but not for long.

Via The Straight, anti-Olympic graffiti: “With Glowing Hearts We Kill The Arts”.

Via Macleans, CBC News is sucking, despite change in font.

Via The Tyee, homeless may paint the town red during the Olympics.


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