Bavarian Mayhem To Hit The Gates Of Gastown During Games


On a day when I could use a lick or two of distraction comes some uplifting news from the reader mailbag:

I read your blog quite a bit and I came accross some news that I thought you would enjoy. The German National Olympic Association and the Bavarian Tourism Industry is going to be running a beer garden fro 10am-2am every day of the Olympics in the parking lot adjacent to Steamworks.- it will be build to hold around 600. It will be serving authentic german beer and food while playing traditional german music. And rumour has it they are flying German Beer Ladies from Munich to serve there.

Jawohl! And there I was thinking I wanted to hide for the duration. Check after the jump for a remembrance of what happens when Scout and friends put on the lederhosen…

SM from Andrew Morrison on Vimeo.

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  1. My german brother inlaw jumped for joy when I told him about this (he is from Munich) and sounds like fun….I went to the Octoberfest in Munich a few years ago and had a blast…good beer and food, hope they can recreate the feel here. Wonder if they will be able to serve the litre mugs of beer and what brewery will be suppling the beer? any news if you need tickets to get in or will it be open to all?

  2. Bill,These are the details from the German Olympic Site. Hopefully your brother can translate:
    German Fan Fest
    In unmittelbarer Nähe zum Deutschen Haus im Zentrum Vancouvers wird es einen öffentlichen Fan-Bereich geben, das „German Fan Fest“. Dieser Treffpunkt, ausgerichtet in Kooperation mit dem Landessportbund Thüringen, wird für deutsche und internationale Besucher frei zugänglich sein. Das Festzelt bietet ca. 600 Personen Platz. Rahmendaten:
    Öffnungszeiten: täglich vom 11. – 28. Februar 2010 von 10 Uhr bis ca. 2 Uhr
    Verkauf von typisch deutschen Speisen und Getränken

  3. Translation:

    In direct vicinity to the German house in the center Vancouvers there will be a public fan area, the “German fan festival”. This meeting place, directedly in cooperation with the country sports league Thuringia, will be freely accessible for German and international visitors. The festival tent offers ca. 600 persons place. Frame data: Opening times: daily of that 11th – 28th of February 2010 of 10 o’clock until ca. 2 O’clock sale of typically German foods and drinks stage program

  4. Via Google Translate…

    German Fan Fest

    In close proximity to the house in downtown Vancouver, there will be a public fan area, the “German Fan Fest”. This meeting, organized in cooperation with the State Sports Thuringia, will be for German and international visitors are freely accessible. The marquee provides approximately 600 people.

    Opening times: daily from 11 – 28 February 2010 from 10 until about 2 clock clock
    Sale of typical German food and drink
    Stage Program