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645 Howe Street, Vancouver BC | V6C 2Y9
Telephone: 604-602-7788
Email: reservations@divamet.com
Web: www.divamet.com | Facebook


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The People

Restaurant Manager: Corey Bauldrey
Executive Chef: Hamid Salimian

About Diva At The Met

Diva at the Met, located in the Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver, is an award-winning restaurant attracting guests both locally and from around the world with its innovative Cascadian cuisine, firmly rooted in the bounty of the region. Executive Chef Hamid Salimian brings a true respect for ingredients and a reputation for highlighting them through both traditional and modern cooking techniques. He takes Diva’s Cascadian cuisine to the next level with his creative, contemporary approach.

Chef Salimian focuses on working with the region’s best farmers, fishers, and artisanal producers to develop relationships that, combined with Vancouver’s unique multicultural influences, result in Diva’s menus having a unique sense of place, traceability and creativity.

Diva’s refined, contemporary setting reflects the company’s approach to redefining the standard in luxury hotel restaurants – Diva at the Met is a culinary force in its own right. Fittingly, the culinary team takes centre stage at the open kitchen, which offers an additional six guest seats. Four distinct seating elevations in the restaurant offer a total of 120 seats and a range of dining experiences, beginning with a bar and lounge area at the street-front entry, and leading to the three separate dining levels.


“It is entirely appropriate that the food at the well-named Diva at the Met makes your tastebuds sing.” – Vancouver Sun, 2010

Sous Chef Jeff Kang wins the B.C. Chef of the Year title at the Roasted Competition, presented by the BC Chefs’ Association and the Canadian Culinary Federation.

Sous Chef Jeff Kang wins both the Fetzer Great Beginnings Appetizer and Wine Challenge at the 2011 Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival.

Georgia Straight Newspaper’s Golden Plates Awards (2011) Readers’ Choice, Best Hotel Restaurant: Diva at the Met (Bronze)

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