Gastown’s PiDGiN Announces Wesley Young’s Appointment As New Executive Chef


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Vancouver, BC | PiDGiN is proud to officially announce Wesley Young assuming the reins as executive chef. Wes boasts a fantastic resume, spanning continents as well as many a reputable restaurant in Vancouver. Growing up on The Drive, he is a true East Van kid. He is known throughout the Vancouver restaurant scene as a confident leader and calm teacher, creating honest, great food.

PiDGiN is also in the process of planning and building its own rooftop farm, one of the first for an urban restaurant in Canada. This allows Wesley and our bar team to grow what they want all year round and have a better connection to the best ingredients for our guests.

Together, with the leadership of Wes and GM Alain Canuel, PiDGiN will be pushing on many a new fronts this year. Attraction and retention of kitchen talent through our new life balance program is our top priority. This includes a 4.5-day work week (paid for 5), not exceeding 45 hours and free unlimited fitness and martial arts programs with As well, employees with us more than a year and full time will be eligible for health benefit coverage.

This evolution is about strengthening our culture at PiDGiN. One that doesn’t burn people out with crazy hours and long stretches without time off, creating a little more balance in life, it’s not perfect but we’re working on it. We hope this can help toward creating a more sustainable industry and a healthy independent restaurant scene in Vancouver.

At PiDGiN, we see no need for distinctions between casual and fine dining. A restaurant can be both beautiful and comfortable; cuisine can be at once delicate and approachable. As dining perspectives have changed, so too has the line between east and west. Visit SCOUT profile.
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