On Whisky Medicines And Cooks Getting Real About Mental Health


by Talia Kleinplatz | While the winter months can often feel long and tedious, there are always new restaurants to look forward to. Scout’s selection of anticipated opening keeps things local, while Eater’s list introduces us to what’s interesting and imminent in the USA.

Twitter follow of the week: Vancouver Sun food writer Mia Stainsby is India with knife, fork and fingers. Check it: @miastainsby

The Tasting Table’s Kat Kinsman launches ‘Chefs With Issues’ in order to break open the subject of mental health and stigma in the restaurant industry. Hugely illuminating stuff. Here’s just one of many entries:

“I worked in an abusive kitchen, where my boss would verbally and physically berate me. I would come home some nights with bruising on my legs and ribs, tell my girlfriend that I bumped into a table or counter. After calling in sick and being told to come in early the next day to clean the dumpster, I made the decision to get out. I thought I was weak for not having survived this kitchen, but I now realize that not all places in the industry operate that way. I found a kitchen that is truly a family environment, where support is given rather than pain and stress. I think it is important for cooks especially to understand that the situation they may be in right now does not accurately reflect the industry as a whole.”

I’m sorry, but did you just say Lebanese taco pop-up? Can I get a heck yes!?

On the Sakai Knife and the stunning process for making one of the most respected tools in the restaurant industry.

So Pittsburg has more bars per capita than any other American city. It’s no wonder they’re quickly becoming a beer and spirits destination.

Imbibe magazine names Chicago’s Lost Lake their 2016 Bar of the Year. Get your Hawaiian shirts out of storage my friends. This is tiki done right.

Alexandra Gill visits the Fraserhood’s still fresh Masayoshi.

I love a good cocktail, but sometimes you just want a dark dive and a cheap, cold beer. From what Robert Simonson has to say about it, Wisconsin seems to have the hole-in-the-wall down pat.

From the Red Hook to the Greenpoint, Kara Newman explores the many iterations of the original Brooklyn Cocktail.

Master barman, collector of rare spirits, and fellow Scout contributor Shaun Layton shares his recipe for a proper Aviation using some truly exceptional ingredients.

While nursing a cold is never fun, these are a few whiskey cocktails that may make the healing process a little more tolerable.

In case you’re like me and plan all your travel around eating and drinking, here’s an impressive roundup of major food events taking place around the world this year. Miami in February sounds about right.

Food52 rounds up a few experts to share their tips and tricks for the best homemade hot chocolate.

One city’s transformation from an auto-industry ghost town to a culinary destination. Detroit is starting to make the comeback we always hoped it would.

Thrillist talks 2016 cocktail trends with a few bar industry folk. Looks like we’re in store for a year filled with savoury tipples, vermouth, and frozen cocktails. Hopefully this means I can finally admit to my love of a blended margarita.

Food Republic gives us an idea as to what to expect from the wine world in 2016.

Eater tries the same with whisky.

A welcomed drop in coffee prices is likely only temporary as production is expected to drop with climate change. Enjoy the caffeine high while you can.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to The Dirty Apron because if I’m going to eat healthy this January, I at least want all my salads to look this pretty.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring.

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