DEFINITIVE RECORDS: The 3 Albums That Anchor The Tastes Of Super Vancouverites

Definitive Records is a new Scout column that asks interesting Vancouverites to pick the three albums that anchor their musical tastes. Today, we hear from local filmmaker

Beastie Boys – Ill Communication | LISTEN | “The first Beastie Boys album I listened to over and over again…”

Rage Against The Machine – Self-Titled  | LISTEN | “This album blew me away…FUCK YOU I WONT DO WHAT YOU TELL ME…over and over again…and the cover, a photo of a monk burning himself to death…jeez louise…as an impressionable kid in a small town this album got me all riled up, to say the least. It still stands up as such a solid album to this day, and probably my favourite of all time.”

Rancid – And Out Came The Wolves | LISTEN | “This album is great for shotgunning beer to. It’s hillbilly punk-rock drinking music. Every song is memorable. Matt Freeman’s bass playing is unreal – technical and funky, and Lars’ raspy vocals are gritty and awesome. Also the album art really stuck with me when I got into graphic design.. I love that stark, raw look.”


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