Everything That You Need To Know About The 2013 “Dine Out Vancouver” Food Fest

With the 11th annual Dine Out Vancouver food festival (the largest of its kind in North America) on the immediate horizon, it’s high time that we told you everything that a discerning food and drink lover should get really excited about. Feast on the intel after the jump…


– the festival runs for 17 delicious days, from January 18th to February 3rd, 2013.
– Depending on the restaurant, special three course menus are either $18, $28, or $38.
– Many menus will see the addition of BC VQA wine or Granville Island beer pairings.
– The festival’s Twitter handle is @DineOutVan
– The festival’s hashtag is #dovf
– It would be prudent to download the official guide to Dine Out here.
– Peruse all the participating restaurants and their menus here.
– You didn’t make a reservation in time? Don’t sweat it. Walk-ins are always worth a try!
– There are awesome extras galore, which we’ve detailed below…


With a multitude of cool food and drink-themed happenings and opportunities to take in, DOV has evolved into something that is much more than just a sit down affair at scattered locations around the city. One can now go see a show, participate in the construction of one’s dinner, pair it with local wine, go on a tea learning safari, invade markets after hours, and so much more. You can browse through all of the events here. Sure some of them have already sold out, but at the time of writing the following gems still have availability…

TWG ‘Tea Flight’ Service

Dig tea? Then this is for you: “Our Tea Connoisseurs and Tea Sommelier will spend 15 minutes at your table introducing you to the history and evolution of tea and the specific flight you have chosen. Sample each Tea Flight while you relax in the comfort of our Tea Salon. You will learn the methodical and careful preparation of tea and gain valuable tea pairing ideas followed by a sumptuous Tea Service.”

January 19, 26 | Urban Tea Merchant | 12:30pm, 2:00pm, 3:30pm | $38 | TICKETS

Railtown Supper Party

If you haven’t checked out Railtown’s brand new (and gorgeous) Vancouver Urban Winery yet, any one of these three wine-paired suppers cheffed by Maria Huynh will be the perfect opportunity to do so. “The Vancouver Urban Winery presents the Railtown Supper Party: Dine Out Series. Join us for three nights of long-table dining from the cellar floor of the city’s only urban winery. Each evening acclaimed local chef Maria Huynh (Chau Veggie Express/Satori Factory) oversees a unique three-course meal. The first features Maria’s elegant and flavourful take on vegetarian cuisine. The final two feature a menu of classic Italian bistro fare. For each meal, every course is paired with wines fresh from the Winery’s 36 tap tasting bar by in-house Sommelier David Stansfield.” Noms.

January 21, 22, 23 | Vancouver Urban Winery | 6:30pm | $65 | TICKETS

Pizza Making and Beer Tasting

DIY pizzas, chocolate brownies, an assortment of beers to taste, and the happy knowledge that $7 from every booking goes directly to garden expansion at Tennyson Elementary School? Sold.

January 22nd (Kits), January 23 (Main) | Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. | 5pm | $15 | TICKETS

Railtown Culinary Walking Tour

Have a guided wander through emerging Railtown: “Never heard of Railtown before? Well you will soon. Railtown, the unofficial name for the area on the Northern tip of the Downtown Eastside, is an up-and-coming neighbourhood that is quickly becoming a hot spot in the city for amazing restaurants. We designed this tour specifically for Dine-Out Vancouver to showcase some of the great establishments that are setting up in this gritty historic area. The tour includes a delicious selection food and beverage samples at five unique locations including the H.A.V.E Café, a culinary training school that provides foodservice job training to individuals who experience barriers to employment. There is an alcohol sample on this tour. You may be required to present your government issued ID to participate in tastings. A non-alcoholic sample may be substituted however the price of the tour remains the same.”

January 25th, February 1st | 1:30pm | $35 | TICKETS

Hawksworth at Holt Renfrew

This evening inside Holt Renfrew sees the award-winning Hawksworth restaurant paired up with Swallow Tail Secret Supper Club. An exclusive Champagne cocktail reception is followed by a set piece supper of chic that showcases fashion as much as food (Spring 2013 designer collections will be modelled as you sup). Get all the details here.

January 29th | Holt Renfrew, Pacific Centre | 7 pm | $199 or $249 | TICKETS

Dinner at the Birdcage 

And continuing with the fashion theme…”Enjoy a three-course dinner at Vancouver FanClub along with a stellar cabaret show starring celebrity Vancouver Drag Queens Joan-E, Carlotta Gurl, and Coco. This high heeled evening of Drag Queen glamour is sure to delight, with partial proceeds benefitting the Vancouver Friends for Life Society.”

January 31st | Vancouver FanClub | 7:00pm | $30-$50 | TICKETS

The Grape Debate

Should BC have its own signature grape varietal(s)? It’s an open question that is fiercely debated behind the scenes. Check it: “Argentina is known for its malbec; New Zealand, for its sauvignon blanc. Many of the world’s major wine regions have developed signature wine varietals and marketed them to international recognition. The rapid growth of BC’s wine industry over the past few decades has led to an explosion of diverse and outstanding wines. While there are strong reasons to support diversification in BC’s wine production, some in the industry feel that the province’s wine producers would benefit from a standout, signature varietal. But if we moved in that direction, which varietal should it be? Join us for the Grape Debate, a Dine Out Vancouver Festival first! Our panel of wine experts will debate the benefits and drawbacks to developing a signature varietal for BC. Following the program, sip, sample and taste your way through dozens of BC’s finest wineries. From pinot gris to pinot noir, taste for yourself and cast your vote!” Some of our favourite wine writers and advocates are in one the debate, so it should be an outstanding night for every stripe of oenophile.

February 1st | Vancouver Public Library | 7pm | $28 | TICKETS

Breakfast With The Masters

This sounds inspiring: “Start your day with a private breakfast buffet in the Vancouver Art Gallery’s award-winning Gallery Café amid breathtaking floral arrangements and the sounds of classical music. We then invite you to enjoy an exclusive and intimate before – hours private guided tour of our featured IAN WALLACE: At the Intersection of Painting and Photography exhibition on now at the Vancouver art Gallery. Led by of our friendly and experienced art professionals, the tours provide an excellent introduction for the first-time visitors as well as food for thought for returning art-enthusiasts! Organised by the Vancouver Art Gallery; Ian Wallace: At the Intersection of Painting and Photography, is a major survey exhibition of the work of one of Canada’s most significant contemporary artists. Based in Vancouver, Wallace has played a critical role in the development of contemporary art since the late 1960s. His early experiments with monochromatic painting, his production of large–scale photographic tableaux and his juxtapositions of photography with painting stand as the basis for a distinct body of work for which Wallace has become internationally recognized.”

February 1st | 8:30am | Vancouver Art Gallery $50 | TICKETS


  • Not the greatest day for hanging at the VAG, but whatever...
  • So hungry we fell on our faces on the approach...
  • Choices...
  • A fish taco from Tacofino is a good place to start
  • And you can say hi to Jason...
  • And wait a bit...
  • With others...
  • and still others...
  • Then go over to see Michael at Re-Up...
  • ...where chili could be had...
  • Double back to Tacofino to pick up some tortilla soup to go...
  • Covet the seats under the umbrellas...
  • Mmm, best sandwiches ever...
  • Mmm, is that Soho Road chicken and naan?
  • Pride at La Brasserie
  • For good reason...
  • Peeps with kebabs...
  • more peeps with kebabs
  • Waiting for grilled cheese
  • Yeah you are!
  • Patience...there'll be more tomorrow

It’s back! Street Food City will see a laager of street food carts and trucks aromatically arranged on the North Plaza of the Vancouver Art Gallery (West Georgia) for five days in a row! Expect to feast on Street Meet, Mogu, Guanaco, Yolks Breakfast, The Juice Truck, Feastro The Rolling Bistro, Holy Perogy, Zebite, Kaboom Box, Soho Road Naan Kebab, Pig On The Street, Pazzarella Pizza, Re-Up BBQ, and Mom’s Grilled Cheese!

January 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 | 11am – 3pm Wednesday through Friday | 11am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday | North Plaza, VAG


New to DOV this year is the Edible Canada Speaker Series at Edible Canada at the Market (Granville Island). At a glance…

Asian Inspired Cocktails, BC’s Next Beverage Trend?

January 21 | 3:30pm, 1.5 hours | $30

Spend a spirited afternoon delving into a growing trend in BC’s cocktail scene – Asian inspired cocktails. Learn how to impress your friends while sampling 3 cocktails along with some Asian influenced bites from the Edible kitchen.

Pork, Pork, Pork… oh, and some wine!

January 22 | 3:30pm, 1.5 hours | $30

Join Edible Canada’s pork-passionate chefs as they create and demo amazing Fiore heritage breed pork dishes, while the EC wine team opens some BC wines to find the best pairing – you are the judge!

Canadian Whiskies – Sipping from Coast to Coast

January 23 | 3:30pm, 1.5 hours | $30

Join Edible Canada and whisky expert, Andrew Starritt for a fun afternoon sipping some of Canada’s best and most interesting whiskies. The Edible Canada kitchen will send out some whisky friendly nibbles to keep your palate refreshed.

Foie Gras, Caviar and Bubbles….Need We Say More?

January 24 | 3:30pm, 1.5 hours | $40

Come and join Edible Canada’s talented chefs as they prepare luxurious dishes using foie gras, caviar and more that pair with some of Canada’s best bubbles – a decadent afternoon or the best evening warm up possible!

BC Sake VS the World

January 25 | 3:30pm, 1.5 hours | $30

Granville Island’s famed Sake maker, Masa Shiroki, puts his hand crafted sakes up against other chilled sakes from around the world in a blind tasting. Come and help us determine how they stack up while enjoying Japanese inspired nibbles from the EC kitchen.

Vintage BC Wines – How Old Can They Go?

January 28 | 3:30pm, 1.5 hours | $30

Join Edible Canada’s wine team for an afternoon of vintage BC wines. We will discuss the age ability of wines and what things to look for in BC wines that will ensure they stand the test of time.

Strange Brews

January 29 | 3:30pm, 1.5 hours | $25

With BC’s ever-growing line up of craft beer also comes an expanding line of “strange” brews. Come and join local beer experts as we discuss and sample many of BC’s most unique brews along with beer friendly nibbles from the Edible Canada kitchen.

Coffee that Rocks!

January 30 | 3:30pm, 1.5 hours | $20

Salt Spring Coffee is BC’s leader in sustainability in the coffee industry. Come and join us for an afternoon of sipping and learning speciality coffee tricks so your morning coffee is never boring again.

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

January 31 | 3:30pm, 1.5 hours | $25

A chocolate inspired cocktail, chocolate in savoury dishes and of course chocolate desserts! Come learn about and taste chocolate in ways you never thought possible.

Wine VS Beer – Which is Better with Cheese?

February 1 | 3:30pm, 1.5 hours | $30

Local and international cheeses are served and paired with wine and craft beer. Which beverage is the best pairing partner? Help us decide!

Get your tickets and learn more about each talk here.

ACT 1, EAT 1

This is probably the coolest new addition to DOV; a multi-event, multi-event collaborative series that puts live theatre next to communal dining with tasty results…

Photog | January 22nd | Dinner @ Steamworks Brewing: 6pm | Performance @ SFU Woodwards: 8pm | $59 | TICKETS

“Drawn from the real life accounts of conflict photographers, Photog: An imaginary look at the uncompromising life of Thomas Smith examines the juxtapositions and internal struggles that many photog’s experience between foreign soil and home turf; between privilege and suffering; between disconnect and belonging; between war and peace. Using verbatim text from interviews with award-winning war photographers and international journalists, Boca del Lupo combines computer animation, video, and physical theatre to uncover the occupational hazards that come with documenting humanity at its worst.”

Look Mommy I’m Dancing | January 23rd | Dinner @ Edible Canada: 6pm | Performance @ Performance Works: 8pm | $59 | TICKETS

“Sixty-four-year-old Belgium theatre artist Vanessa Van Durme tells her extraordinary true story in Look Mummy, I’m Dancing—a candid and honest account of her life that started as a little boy, and the journey she underwent as one of the pioneering transsexuals of her time. Equal parts hilarious and touching, Vanessa’s story speaks to acceptance, humility, and having the strength to stay true to yourself against all odds.”

Leave Of Absence | January 26th | Dinner @ Siena Restaurant | Performance @ Pacific Theatre | $59 | TICKETS

“A community is blown apart when an audacious young girl challenges long-held views of spirituality and sexuality. Be among the first in the world to see this searing new play, accompanied by an experience at one of Vancouver’s best new restaurants!”

Winners & Losers | January 30th | Dinner @ Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar: 6pm | Performance @ SFU Woodwards: 8pm | $59 | TICKETS

“Theatre artists and long-time friends Marcus Youssef and James Long sit at a table and play a game they made up, called winners and losers. In it, they name people, places or things— Pam Anderson, Microwave ovens, their fathers, Goldman Sachs, Mexico, etc.—and debate whether they are winners or losers. As each one seeks to defeat the other, the debate becomes personal as they dissect each other’s individual, familial and class histories. And because one of these men is the product of economic privilege, and the other is not, the competition very quickly adds up.”

I, Malvolio | January 31st | Dinner @ Merchant’s Oyster Bar: 6pm | Performance @ The Cultch: 8pm | $65 | TICKETS

“Tim Crouch re-imagines Twelfth Night through the eyes of Shakespeare’s most pent-up steward. I, Malvolio is a wild, hilarious and unsettling rant from a man ‘notoriously wronged.’ After falling victim to a forged love letter—leading to accusations of madness, a pair of ridiculous yellow stockings and ultimately no recompense for his sufferings—one of dramatic literature’s most misunderstood characters will finally have his say. Part abject clown, part theatre-hating disciplinarian, Malvolio asks his audience to explore the pleasure we take in other people’s suffering. Post-show talkback with the artist included!”


Hotels participating in the 2013 Dine Out Vancouver Festival feature rooms priced at $78, $108 and $138 (per room, per night), and many are also offering food-focused packages guaranteed to please diners’ palates. Rates and packages are available for stays taking place January 18 through February 3, and can be booked through www.dineoutvancouver.com.


Best Western PLUS Downtown Vancouver
Executive Hotel Vintage Park
The Listel Hotel
Sandman Vancouver City Centre
The Burrard
Delta Burnaby Hotel and Conference Centre
Quality Hotel Vancouver – “The Inn at False Creek”


Best Western PLUS Chateau Granville
Georgian Court Hotel
Sandman Suites on Davie
Sheraton Vancouver
Delta Vancouver Airport


The Sutton Place Hotel
Westin Bayshore, Vancouver
River Rock Casino Resort
Delta Vancouver Suites

Get all the details on special hotel packages here.

Once again, – the festival’s Twitter handle is @myvancouver and the hashtag is #dovf. See you all out there!

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