GOODS: Pourhouse Making “The Stenson” In Support Of An American Barman In Need

November 20, 2012 

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The GOODS from Pourhouse

Vancouver, BC | Pourhouse has re-introduced a favourite cocktail, the Stenson, and is donating $2 from each sold to help raise money for an amazing man – well-loved Seattle bartender Murray Stenson. Pourhouse Bar Managers Christopher Flett and Jon Ledwidge made a journey to Seattle years ago in order to learn about the city’s cocktail scene. They went not knowing what to expect or who they would meet. They ended up at Murray Stenson’s bar and built a friendship that would help guide their growth as bartenders. There are countless others in Vancouver whose careers have been influenced by Murray. Ask any bartender in town and they’ll tell you the impact Murray has had on them. He helped mold not only barmen and women, but shaped an entire culture of discerning palates, and did so with great humility.

Tragically, Murray has recently been diagnosed with a heart condition that has left him unable to work and requiring heart surgery. As he lives in the USA where medical expenses can be exorbitant, bars and bartenders across North America (and worldwide) are uniting to raise funds for his operation. Pourhouse invites you to come in and have a drink in Murray Stenson’s honour; to toast the man who has greatly influenced what bartenders do and aspire to be, and to help a man that means so much to so many people. “The Stenson” was created in homage to Murray when he announced his potential retirement last year. “When I met Murray I did not yet understand the process of making classic cocktails,” says Flett. “Yet he still treated me with the same level of generosity and respect that a peer or equal would. That was Murray. My path to maturing as a bartender would have been greatly inhibited were it not for the friendship that followed. I have always maintained that Murray’s bar would still be full, even if he made bad cocktails. This is because Murray is not just a great bartender, but a great individual…gracious and welcoming. There is something here that many aspiring bartenders should take note of.

I once brought a friend to Zig Zag to meet Murray. Upon introduction he exclaimed, ‘So, you’re the legendary Murray!’ with a faint grin on his face, Murray modestly replied, ‘No, just Murray’.”

If you’d like to know how the fundraising effort is going, or to donate personally, visit MurrayAid.



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About Pourhouse


Embracing the sublime pleasure of drink, the joy of good food and the comfort of family – Pourhouse is the embodiment of a passion for sharing the simple indulgences of life with friends. Just southeast of the Steam Clock in Gastown, Pourhouse is born of century-old styles of drinking and dining. The 100-year-old building was built in 1910, as home to the Leckie Boot Company – the original structure crafted with Douglas Fir ceilings, supported by large wood pillars, and brick walls. Pourhouse is furnished in antiques of the era – complimented by custom creations. Every piece in Pourhouse has a story. The cornerstone is the 38 ft. bar – lovingly handcrafted from 120 year-old planks of reclaimed Douglas Fir. Entrance and hallway walls are finished with era-inspired textures and gold leaf detailing – no aesthetic left unconsidered.

The cocktails have an old-fashioned soul, in variations both plain and fancy – the catalyst for the entire concept. The wine list gets its inspiration from the turn of the century, and is priced to encourage sharing and discovering. Beers cover the range of tastes and styles – several selections representing the true ale craftsmanship of BC and the Pacific Northwest. Serious about coffee, Pourhouse serves a beautiful local roast, crafted with a handmade Synesso Espresso machine – overall, a focus on quality over quantity, with a particular interest in Whiskey and Whiskey applications to cocktails. The true heart of Bartending is shown through the creation of personalized experiences.

Food is designed with inspired and skillful technique, though born of familiar comforts. Hearty and mouth-watering meals with a sense of familiarity are done in a homemade style using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.

We look forward to the honour of sharing our appetite for life with you.

Pourhouse embraces a singularly essential part of Vancouver – its own history.


  • Jen

    That’s really nice, except most of the bars sponsoring MurrayAid are donating 100% of proceeds and not just $2 from each $15 cocktail…