SMOKE BREAK #994: On Bumping Into A Grizzly Bear While On A Run In The Woods

A man having a nice relaxing run somewhere in eastern British Columbia this summer shat a brick (at 3:10) when he unexpectedly came across a grizzly bear. He captions his video thusly:

This creature was in fact so social that it came over to greet me. I was not very impressed with its assertive display at hello and left quickly.

Yeah you did.


  • Mike Babiarz

    awesome, i think the bear got him at the end there

  • Sean Orr

    what about the people he had just passed? are they dead now?

  • edm

    Hah! He did the number one thing he’s not supposed to do, but then again he was already running. He’s truly lucky the bear did not care to chase after him.

  • Don

    I didn’t even see a bear in that video. The bear was trying to “greet” him? Was he high on meth? I watched that video a dozen times, not being high on meth, and still don’t get why he started breathing hard and whining like a little girl scared of the dark.

  • Janet

    Someone please tell this nincompoop that if he’s going to run in the woods (where bears live, by the way) you should know what to do if you run into one. And better yet, what NOT to do!