SOUNDTRACKING: Clean The Sand From Your Toes With This Funky Autumn Playlist

by Daniel Colussi | Hmm, the mornings are colder, twilight sets in earlier, and the leaves are starting to fall. If memory serves, I think this is what’s known as Autumn. After a gloriously summery September it’s easy to forget that Vancouver can actually be just a tad grey and rainy at points but now it’s time to dig out the scarves and rain boots and embrace the latent Seasonal Affective Disorder in most of us. In order to assist you in this transition, I’ve prepared a funky Fall playlist for you. Clean the sand out from your toes, let the final BBQ embers waft away and get lost in 30+ minutes of a funky good time.


Daniel Colussi is the Music Editor of Scout Magazine and a contributing writer to Ion Magazine. A veteran employee of Zulu Records and tuneage aficionado, he DJs on an infrequent basis (about four times a year) and is a musician around town who plays in several ensembles.

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