GOODS: Food Day Canada To See Wild Rice Pairing Brews With Chinese-Inspired Sliders

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The GOODS from Wild Rice

Vancouver, BC | Saturday, August 4th is officially ‘Food Day Canada’ – a day when we celebrate our country’s rich culinary heritage from coast to coast to coast. It’s a time to honour our farmers, fishers, chefs and local producers. Wild Rice is proud to be an invited participant in this national food fest. This year Wild Rice is giving a nod to the good ol’ Canadian tradition of the summer barbecue by offering mini-burgers paired with artisan brew for only $17.50. “Barbecue has a long and honourable history in Chinese culinary culture,” says Wild Rice owner Andrew Wong. “Think of the importance of BBQ houses in Chinese society. They are meeting places where friends get together to share casual food – much the same as the Canadian backyard barbecue.”

Still – burgers in a Chinese restaurant? Most definitely! These come with a distinctly Asian twist. Executive Chef Todd Bright starts with house-made buns that use a dough similar to that found in ‘cha siu bao’ (BBQ pork buns) or pineapple buns. The tops are given an egg wash to replicate the typical ‘Chinatown bun’ appearance. Wild Rice chose to make mini-burgers (aka ‘sliders’) because they are smaller and easier to hold, like a cha siu bao. The bun is merely the starting point. Next comes the slider’s focal point – a patty of ground Pemberton Meadows Natural Beef seasoned with the usual onions and garlic along with the not-so-usual ginger, soy, cilantro, sesame oil and Shaoxing wine. Of course like any good burger, it’s topped with bacon. Wild Rice makes its own from Gelderman Farms free-range pork. The pork side is brined in a tasty mixture of Shaoxing wine, Five-Spice Powder, whole star anise and additional Sichuan peppercorns. The sliders are completed with crispy-fried shallots.

What is a burger without fries? Wild Rice’s Yukon Gold frites are seasoned with Five-Spice Powder – a traditional Chinese seasoning consisting of ground star anise, cloves, cinnamon, Sichuan pepper and fennel seeds. Instead of ketchup, they come accompanied by a sriracha (an Asian chili sauce) and green onion aioli – just perfect for dipping and/or slathering.

To wash it all down Wild Rice is offering local artisan brews. At the original Chinatown location on Pender Street there is Whistler Brewing Co’s Powder Mountain Lager by the bottle and at the New Westminster location the sliders come accompanied by R & B Brewing’s Sun Gold Wheat Ale on tap.

Three mini-burgers with frites and brew combo only $17.50 on Food Day Canada, August 4, 2012. Join us to celebrate the diversity of our country’s rich culinary culture.

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Wild Rice is open 7 days a week (for dinner every night, lunch only on Fridays)
Sunday – Thursday: 5 p.m. to at least 11 p.m.
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The Team


Proprietor: Andrew Wong
Executive Chef: Todd Bright
Dining Room Manager: Kerri Clark

About Wild Rice


Wild Rice began as a simple thought from Andrew Wong. His wish was to create a socially conscious restaurant serving local cuisine with influences from his Chinese heritage.

The space is a blend of yin and yang, east and west, traditional and modern. As in traditional Chinese cuisine, the menu offers numerous dishes for sharing. Where they diverge from tradition is in the ingredients, presentation and style.

As a proud member of OceanWise, Green Table and Shark Truth, Wild Rice is committed to serving ingredients that are local, seasonal and sustainable. The wine list reflects a thoughtful selection of the best from BC and West Coast vineyards.

Yin/yang sensibilities inform every aspect of Wild Rice. Guests receive metal knives and forks (western, yang) along with bamboo chopsticks (asian, yin). The sharp geometric lines (yang) of the room and its furniture are softened by the effect of the curves (yin) in the bar and bolsters. The energy of the loft fire wall is balanced by the calming ice blue resin of the bar. Harmony prevails and guests instantly feel comfortable.


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